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2015 Entries

The below selection of entries opted to share their work with the public on the UX Awards website.

Mobile Majority’s End-to-End Mobile Advertising Platform

The Mobile Majority builds the first vertically-integrated mobile advertising platform

Submitted By: The Mobile Majority
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NHL Stats Fan Experience

SAP's Design Services collaborated with the NHL to deliver the next generation of fan experiences with hockey statistics for NHL.com.

Submitted By: SAP Labs Design & Co-Innovation Center
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SAP Tennis Analytics

SAP Tennis Analytics provides real-time insight to help players and coaches analyze performance and optimize strategy.

Submitted By: SAP
Client: Co-clients: SAP Global Sponsorships Technology and Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)
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Jacada Interaction Designer rewrite

A complete rewrite of the Visual-IVR Interaction Designer from legacy Java client into a drag & drop web based editor.

Submitted By: Jacada
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SAP Cloud for Customer DILOS

A CRM application that allows sales users to attract the right customers, assemble high-performance teams and increase sales intelligence

Submitted By: SAP Cloud for Customer UX
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WellComm Mobile Application

WellComm helps users who belong in a community achieve their optimum wellness.

Submitted By: n/a
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Turn photos into custom nail art.

NailSnaps disrupts the messy, toxic nail industry with the world’s best way to create, share, and wear custom nail art.

Submitted By: NailSnaps, Inc.
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Graphic Mint’s User Experience Renovation of Zarion Allocate

Graphic Mint’s User-Centred Redesign of Zarion Allocate humanises work allocation experiences via more democratic, intuitive interactions.

Submitted By: Graphic Mint Ltd
Client: Zarion Software
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Citizen-Centric State Government Portal

State government portal to improve access to public information, increase transparency, and regain citizen trust.

Submitted By: SAP Labs
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BILT: Assembly Made Easy

BILT makes product assembly easy and fun with audio-guided interactive 3D instructions.

Submitted By: SAP
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SAP Splash – design better experiences

SAP Splash empowers business experts to design awesome business apps.

Submitted By: SAP Labs
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Cyanogen Themes: Your Phone, Your Canvas

Cyanogen’s Themes enable users to easily customize the entire user interface of their device.

Submitted By: Cyanogen, Inc.
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Arlanda Departure Sequencing Tool

Together with users we overhauled the departure sequencing system at Arlanda airport for increased safety, fuel reductions and efficiency.

Submitted By: Veryday
Client: Ecru
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SAP Perfect Meeting for CRM

Make a successful customer meeting with just 5-second interaction on your wrist

Submitted By: SAP Design & Co-innovation Center
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SoulCycle iPhone App

The SoulCycle app gets you off your phone and onto a bike.

Submitted By: Prolific Interactive
Client: SoulCycle
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Goodyear Responsive Re-Design

Responsive re-design of Goodyear.com focusing on a quick and intuitive user experience

Submitted By: DigitasLBi
Client: Goodyear
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Delta News Hub – Sparks Grove UX

Delta News Hub is a modern, industry-leading digital newsroom experience designed for publishing and sharing content about Delta Air Lines.

Submitted By: Sparks Grove
Client: Delta Air Lines
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A mobile makeover for Brazil’s most respected Newspaper.

Huge Rio develops the mobile experience for one of the leading and most respected Brazilian newspapers.

Submitted By: Huge Inc
Client: S.A O Estado de São Paulo – Estadão
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Henri: Creating Languages for Objects

Method created a tool that allows designers a mechanism to tighten the design process loop.

Submitted By: Method
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Make the world more equal – with Equalize

The Equalize app highlights social inequality and enables each individual, in an engaging way, to help create a more equal society.

Submitted By: Institute of Customer Experience
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ThinkGeek’s warp speed checkout, featuring PCA Predict

ThinkGeek’s deployment of PCA Predict’s Capture+ in its checkout to greatly improve customer user experience.

Submitted By: PCA Predict (formerly Postcode Anywhere)
Client: ThinkGeek
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REDWAGON: Safely taking families where they need to go

A mobile app and car service that provides transportation with car seats - for families with young children.

Submitted By: n/a
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Comeet: Collaborative Recruiting

Comeet is a collaborative recruiting platform to streamline the hiring process and improve hiring outcomes.

Submitted By: Comeet
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DayTripper: Find a day trip anytime, anywhere

With DayTripper, users spend more time enjoying their day trips rather than planning them.

Submitted By: n/a
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Moving Through Glass

The first-ever augmented reality application providing round-the-clock aid for people living with Parkinson’s.

Submitted By: SS+K
Client: Mark Morris Dance Group
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Know It All: The easiest way to find workshops in the Bay

Know It All is the best way for active adults to find workshops and classes in the Bay Area.

Submitted By: Kat Vellos
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Farm Frenzy Food Auction

Farm Frenzy is a group auction of quality food direct from farmers.

Submitted By: n/a
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Create Meaningful Connections with LiveEngage

We believe everyone deserves a meaningful connection with a live person. We aim to change the way brands and consumers communicate.

Submitted By: LivePerson
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DigitalClone Live

DigitalClone Live is a responsive web application that extends the life of rotating equipment and reduces maintenance costs.

Submitted By: Sentient Science
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Deadline Manager

New way for freelancers to manage their projects' deadlines. No more todo lists / calender / big softwares. Just a simple date oriented list

Submitted By: Liat Zeldes
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Cardboard Design Lab

The Cardboard Design Lab teaches design principles for virtual reality to anyone with a smartphone and a Cardboard VR viewer.

Submitted By: Google
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Fidelity Mobile® for Apple Watch™

Stay connected to your investments with Fidelity Mobile® for Apple WatchTM. Get real-time updates on price quotes, market movers, and more.

Submitted By: Fidelity Investments
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Google Translate Mobile App

Connect with people, places and culture across language barriers. The Translate app is like having a personal interpreter in your pocket.

Submitted By: Google
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Learning Centric Interactive Video Player

Viddler’s design revolutionizes the way video is understood by bringing active learning tools inside the video player.

Submitted By: Viddler
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Operation Give The Gift of Hearing

A mobile app designed to revolutionize charitable giving by allowing donors to see their immediate impact on the life of someone in need.

Submitted By: n/a
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Beeline: Deliveries Simplified

Beeline is designed to help drivers calculate how to get to multiple destinations in the most efficient way.

Submitted By: n/a
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iBaby Care App

iBaby Care App is the companion app for the award-winning iBaby Monitor M6 sold at Apple, Babies R Us, Target, & more.

Submitted By: iBaby Labs, Inc
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Lookout: Enterprise Mobile Security Powered by Design Thinking

We took a design-centered approach to building enterprise-grade mobile device security that embraces complexity and delivers simplicity.

Submitted By: Lookout
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A Reimagined Digital Platform for the Metropolitan Opera

The Met Opera partnered with us to revitalize an art form.

Submitted By: Work & Co
Client: The Metropolitan Opera
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A business phone service designed for the modern, mobile worker.

Submitted By: Switch
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Univision Parents Portal

A destination for Spanish-speaking parents to understand education standards, and communicate with teachers despite a language barrier.

Submitted By: Ready Set Rocket
Client: Univision Communications Inc.
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A New Experience Design for Chevrolet

A new experience design to build driving habits for teens, create peace of mind for parents and strengthen the brand image for Chevrolet

Submitted By: n/a
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The Barly App: Delivering the MVP and Creating a Unique Brand Experience for Users

Submitted By: General Assembly
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Enhancing the Digital Experience Through Efficient, Personalized Design

Leveraging demographic and behavioral data, Motel6.com is responsive with effortless, personalized, and geo-dependent booking.

Submitted By: Code and Theory
Client: Motel 6
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Water for People’s Reporting Tool Redesign

New reporting tool tells Water For People’s story, making metrics from worldwide humanitarian efforts understandable.

Submitted By: EffectiveUI
Client: Water for People
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The New Eurosport Player

Putting the live sports viewing experience first.

Submitted By: Work & Co
Client: Eurosport
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The disposal of rubbish is meaningfully turned into a game, TetraBIN is designed to inspire people of all ages to become eco-aware.

Submitted By: TetraBIN team
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Hackaball is a “computer you can throw” that allows children to program their own games.

Submitted By: Made by Many
Client: Made by Many
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Qatar Digital Library

Bringing the documents of Qatari history to its people for the first time.

Submitted By: Cogapp
Client: Qatar Foundation Partnership, Qatar National Library, British Library
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UDO Streaming Media Device

UDO - The smart, simple and engaged TV-watching experience

Submitted By: n/a
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Expanding a strong brand into the digital landscape

Expanding a strong brand into the digital landscape and revolutionizing an existing licensing model.

Submitted By: Method
Client: Dalton Maag
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ThankList.com is a site designed to help users change behavior by creating and sharing a customized video for someone important to them.

Submitted By: Mullen Lowe U.S.
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Rednote Music Messaging

The integration of pop culture and text messaging in a sleek, user-friendly mobile interface.

Submitted By: Connelly Partners
Client: Rednote
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Killing Jesus

With 1000s of hand painted animations, this responsive site enables users to enter into and become a living part of Jesus' historical world.

Submitted By: Mullen Lowe U.S.
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Treehouse Go – TVE App

Treehouse Go delivers the perfect experience designed for kids with the perfect control for parents.

Submitted By: You.i TV
Client: Corus Entertainment (Treehouse)
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Zoomdata: Big Data Analytics

The fastest visual analytics for big data, with a new innovation to explore time-based data.

Submitted By: Zoomdata
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Aibi: Anaphylaxis Prevention System for Children

Allergy alert system that helps children and school staff to better respond to allergic reactions and stop the potentially fatal onset.

Submitted By: Chip Dong Lim, Daniel Galán, Rocky Langsy
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Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal redesign

Wells Fargo used responsive design to help customers find information faster and complete tasks easily no matter which devices they use.

Submitted By: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
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Pay with Basil

Basil provides you with a new and better way to pay your restaurant bill using your mobile phone.

Submitted By: STRV
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MailChimp Snap

Send simple, photo-based email campaigns straight from your phone.

Submitted By: MailChimp
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Emergent – “Snopes for News”

Emergent is a “Snopes for News” to uncover how rumors are created and spread. Created by Craig Silverman, Adam Hooper and Normative.

Submitted By: Normative
Client: Craig Silverman
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Perfumania Holdings Inc Corporate Platform

Digital corporate platform showcasing Perfumania Holdings, Inc. as a global leader in the Fragrance & Beauty Industry.

Submitted By: Ready Set Rocket
Client: Perfumania Holdings Inc's
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My Big Tomorrow

My Big Tomorrow is a resource designed to help young Australians realise bigger life choices.

Submitted By: The Village of Useful and Newism (joint entry)
Client: The University of Newcastle
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Watchville aggregates and displays watch news in a clean and beautiful way as well as an atomic clock, leap year, & moon phase setting tool.

Submitted By: Hodinkee
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Creating an Effective Digital Service for Police and Public – The Metropolitan Police Mobility Project

Implementing a customer-centred digital strategy, including redesigning and modernising how The Metropolitan Police reports crimes.

Submitted By: WAE
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Giftster recommends gift ideas for kids by analyzing personality traits and individual budget restraints.

Giftster takes all the guesswork out of the gift-finding process, taking a child’s personality traits and your budget restraints.

Submitted By: n.a
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Nokk-Nokk: The Co-Worker & Culture Catalog

Nokk-Nokk, the Co-Worker & Culture Catalog is the culture accelerator for talent-driven businesses

Submitted By: Carbone Smolan Agency http://www.carbonesmolan.com & The Fanrod Group
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Quick Fix

QuickFix is an app that helps residents contact their respective building managements faster and with more ease.

Submitted By: N/A
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SF Park Car HUD Interface

An in Car diegetic interface, to assist drivers in the parking & navigation process allowing for both an expedited and cheaper experience.

Submitted By: n/a
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Electronic discovery analytics and visualization on Ringtail

Ringtail delivers a visual approach to document review so legal teams can easily master projects.

Submitted By: FTI Consulting
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Vitality – Innovative PC Application for commissioning of Industrial Flowmeters

Vitality - Innovative PC Application for commissioning of Industrial Flow meters.

Submitted By: GE Measurement & Control
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Case Study of Trip Planning Application: WeTravel

WeTravel is an easy to use application which provides a special collaborative space to help people plan their trips together.

Submitted By: n/a
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Expressive Wearable

Expressive Wearable uses clothing as a loud-and-clear communication tool to express the wearer’s dismay at unwanted or unsavoury interaction

Submitted By: Sangli Li
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Born Dodge Redesign

A digitally engaging social page redesign and content archive for all things Dodge.

Submitted By: SapientNitro
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Citi Benefits Digital Hub

Customer-friendly explanation of Citibank’s benefits including banking, mortgage and credit card products.

Submitted By: SapientNitro
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US Open Tennis Championships App

Delivering the US Open digital experience that engages fans both off and on-site, bringing them closer to the action on the court.

Submitted By: IBM Interactive Experience
Client: United States Tennis Association
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Using Design Principles to Transform an Acquired Product

How a Citrix design team transformed an acquired product by applying principles of design.

Submitted By: Citrix
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Flying It Forward

Flying It Forward is a user-powered site and tool for sharing good will and inspiration—one remarkable flight at a time.

Submitted By: Mullen Lowe U.S.
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Dapulse provides organizations with an easy to use, flexible solution for collaboration and project management

Submitted By: dapulse
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