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Dapulse provides organizations with an easy to use, flexible solution for collaboration and project management

dapulse's is a leading SaaS project management solution provider, that provides organizations of all sizes transparency around key activities. The solution breaks each activity into “pulses” which allow for all members of the company to be informed of status, updates and create a more efficient planning process.

dapulse’s solution begins with a board - one place to see everything (progress, people, updates). Boards are an easy way to make the things most important to you visible to the whole team. See how things progress, know when things are stuck, know who's in charge, everything in one place.

Within each board are pulses. A pulse is a place to collaborate on high-level tasks.
A Pulse is the place that connects everyone around a topic. Seamlessly communicate, create a knowledge base, share files, images, designs & specs. A Pulse is a rich collaboration space that ties everyone with push communication.

dapulse’s SaaS solution differs from classic project management software by eliminating a separate view of “what needs to be done” for each user. Instead, dapulse creates a big picture of the whole process for everyone to see, therefore unifying teams and helping them complete tasks quicker and more efficiently.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

dapulse is easy to use, easy to adopt and flexible - it can be used by any type of organization to organize tasks, projects and goals. The user interface makes it simple for everyone in the organization to use.

Key features of the solution include:

• Product Execution Board - The Product execution board shows the state of every high-level objective or feature. It's a great way to show if key activities are progressing or stuck. Like in any Board, you can add updates and communicate on any Pulse by drilling down to it.
• Marketing Central - The Marketing Board is an amazing way to communicate on marketing output with the Marketing team and with the rest of the company. When drilling down to a specific Pulse (by clicking on it) - Sales can find all the information they need, ask questions and be notified about changes.
• Customer Success - This Board displays the high-level list of accounts, their status and importance. Digging deeper into each Pulse – it shows details of every event that happened regarding this customer - making each Pulse a knowledge base of all customer interactions.
• Sprint Board - This Board is versatile so as to allow "Sprint" management so loved by many of our customers. Each Sprint is represented by a new section, each Story has steps of progression and when people take ownership, they add themselves to it. The "daily standup" can be done while showing this Board on a big screen TV. Old Sprints are colored grey and dragged to the bottom of the Board: this way, a knowledge base of past Sprints is kept with all their context and details.
• Project Delivery - This approach was developed by several service companies, including a graphics design studio and ad agencies that create campaigns for clients. The basic approach is to have a Board for each client and harness the whole team around weekly objectives.
• Share Goals – This feature allows everyone across the company to share goals and drive everyone to reach them.

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