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Rednote Music Messaging Details


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The integration of pop culture and text messaging in a sleek, user-friendly mobile interface.

Rednote brings life to mobile messaging conversations with familiar and popular music clips. It is a streaming audio solution allowing users to seamlessly drop three to six second snippets from popular songs directly into their texting conversations. The solution is primed for turnkey integration with the most popular mobile messaging apps on the market.

Connelly Partners was determined to understand the messaging behavior of Rednote’s target audience, teens who are early adopters of mobile messaging, and to organize audio content in a way so that it can be accessed at the speed of texting. Connelly Partners expanded on Rednote’s exciting concept through a detailed UX process including research, testing, prototyping, and design. Through this process, we identified the type and optimal duration of audio content, as well as an intuitive organizational system allowing users to access content in a fun and efficient manner.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Connelly Partners saw this project as more than a simple redesign of a mobile experience. We recognized Rednote's offering as an exciting new behavior in an environment where users crave new content. Mobile messaging users eagerly adopt things like stickers and emojis as a way to express their emotions beyond the traditional keyboard. Connelly saw Rednote as the next big player in this space and welcomed the challenge of creating a lasting user behavior.

In order to reach that goal, we embarked on a thorough research and testing phase during which we:
- Completed user testing on original product to identify key pain points
- Reevaluated the content strategy of the product itself
- Gathered survey data and performed card sorting exercises around content curation and organization
- Researched and interviewed teens to find out how and when they integrate pop culture into their everyday conversations
- Researched terminology and vocabulary that would resonate well with a young audience
- Performed multiple testing rounds with both paper and lo-fi device prototypes to nail down functionality behind browsing, sending, and receiving audio clips.
- Tested visual design to ensure the experience met user's expectations for content integration within a messaging platform

By completing the above research we gained valuable insight and ultimately delivered a best-of-class solution to our client. With a user-focused approach to our redesign, we were able to equip Rednote with a fun, addictive interface that will enhance the mobile messaging experience.

Submitted By: Connelly Partners

Client Name: Rednote

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