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With DayTripper, users spend more time enjoying their day trips rather than planning them.

DayTripper gives users the information they need to easily find and plan personalized day trips near their home or travel destinations. Users don’t want to spend time wading through an overwhelming amount of information researching day trips. They need help deciding where to go and how to make the most out of their day with minimal effort.

By providing users with all of the information they need in one place — destination highlights and photos, transportation options and times, reviews, and even the ability to purchase tickets in the app — DayTripper makes the process more efficient. Users new to the app can explore DayTripper to see its valuable benefits without creating an account. An account allows users to save information and store purchases for their day trip so they’ll have everything they need when they are out and about.

DayTripper simplifies the planning process, giving users confidence in their choices and helping them to follow through with taking day trips. By partnering with destination businesses and transit companies, DayTripper provides customers with seamless transactions and deals.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

DayTripper reflects the importance of user research and usability testing. The process began with research into how travelers plan their trips. The initial application concept focused on solving transit problems users had while traveling. When sketches of the concept were tested with users, they did not find it to be valuable, especially when compared to existing solutions. “I’d go to Google Maps,” was the response from a user who was asked to determine how to get from one point to another.

But, most crucially, users in testing loved a single feature — the ability to easily research, plan and take day trips. This led to a major change in the focus of the app: DayTripper was born.

A new round of testing with a prototype of DayTripper provided overall positive results, with one user saying: “This was an unexpectedly good experience.” Through testing and by responding to user feedback, the original application idea evolved into something completely different that better meets user needs and provides a more valuable, enjoyable experience.

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