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Huge Rio develops the mobile experience for one of the leading and most respected Brazilian newspapers.

In the first semester of 2015, Huge Rio joined up with Estadão in order to develop the newspaper’s mobile website, bringing the best reading experience to the user. The project was aimed at maintaining the credibility of the newspaper while also satisfying the needs of readers, who are also looking for interesting news that they normally find on social networks.

One of the biggest challenges for the UX and design teams was to transfer the sensation of a printed newspaper to the mobile experience. To meet this demand, the team created the "Saiba Agora" section (similar to a “Trending Now” section), which acts as the newspaper cover and is constantly updated, and of course, with social share icons in order to encourage the sharing of trending news. Readers can choose the order in which they wish to see the content, selecting their favorite sections and creating their own identity. Another inspiration that came from the printed paper was the graphic design of Estadão, which was already considered one of the finest in Brazil and that is now reflected in the mobile website concept.

A first for Brazil, you can now see the comics from the printed version of the paper on the Estadão website, one of the most traditional and well-known sections of the paper. For the article page the main thinking was to bring the best reading experience, combined with subtle ads that don't interrupt the flow of the reader. With the objective of maintaining people’s interest, articles with unrelated content appear at the side of the screen, so that readers can quickly jump to another subject.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

This case entry is worth an UX award because not only was it totally focused and thought based on the users and newspaper readers, but also it proved to be extremely effective with proven results. In addition to that, it brought new services to the readers.
The novelty of bringing cartoon for the mobile platform, the possibility of customizing your newspaper sections, the Saiba Agora section (similar to a “Trending Now” section), which acts as the newspaper cover and is constantly updated, the link to the Waze platform and to the weather forecast, all of that transformed a newspaper into something fundamental for one to start a day.
Proven results:
10% increase in new users
20% increse in site visits and 10% in page views.
In addition:
26% decrease in page loading time and 170% increase in new searches + 75% more shares on Facebook
An amazing job. An even better partnership.

Submitted By: Huge Inc

Client Name: S.A O Estado de São Paulo – Estadão

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