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Expanding a strong brand into the digital landscape and revolutionizing an existing licensing model.

Method collaborated with Dalton Maag to develop a new digital brand strategy and design direction. This included the transformation of Daltonmaag.com into an interactive, creative playground that is supported by a transparent and user-friendly platform. Method set up a series of brand workshops with the client to understand how they perceive themselves and where they see themselves headed as a brand. Method also began a series of user interviews to understand how other designers in our network analyze how they discover, purchase and use fonts. The initial discovery and research phase lead us to establish a shared set of design principles, opportunity areas and the new brand theme, “Find Your Voice,” to help guide the design.

There is a creative and interactive structure that runs throughout the entire site. Taking a “big screen first” approach let us embrace the large monitors that designers often use to view the digital world. The website is big and bold, with a simple interaction model that stacks content modules on top of each other, stretching from edge to edge, but that easily scales down to fit any browser. The homepage gives Dalton Maag the opportunity to customize and curate a series of content, which can be updated to highlight new font releases, studio news, culture or knowledge. Each custom font project or library font has a series of panels nested within a module that truly embraces the inspiration, visual world and brand of that particular font design.

Wherever a user is within the site, they can press any key on their keyboard to activate an immersive, full screen tester. Method created an inspiring online experience, and through the research process uncovered opportunities to improve and simplify the fundamental business models of the company. With the release of the website, Dalton Maag also introduced a completely new format for purchasing and licensing fonts that has revolutionized the typography design industry.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Our work with Dalton Maag truly set out to use design as a way to transform an industry. The collaborative process allowed the team to integrate into the Dalton Maag culture, fully understanding their business model and what their goals were. Simply put, the final product is beautiful, and the functionality supports the visuals in a way where the transition from the old model of purchasing fonts can evolve easily, improving both the experience of the users, designers and Dalton Maag as a company. This work represents Method at its best, using our skills and knowledge as designers to elevate a company's value.

Submitted By: Method

Client Name: Dalton Maag

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