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Nokk-Nokk: The Co-Worker & Culture Catalog Details


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Nokk-Nokk, the Co-Worker & Culture Catalog is the culture accelerator for talent-driven businesses

Nokk-Nokk is the first internal company directory for creative and tech companies. It a platform to build company culture, camaraderie and productivity among co-workers.

Build a culture that people want to stay in. Create a real sense of belonging for every employee by celebrating the potential, capabilities and passions that make every employee uniquely valuable. Empower staff to self-promote, discover & engage with co-workers, celebrate individual accomplishments & capabilities.

Win more business and produce better work. Build best-fit teams for pitches & projects by joining people by roles, accomplishments, work specialties, passions and out of work interests

Reduce recruiting & on-boarding spend. There's a proven ROI on internal job mobility and reduced attrition when the right people are put in the right places. Get actionable insights for pitches, team building, development & promotions, quick access to details of past hires & freelancers. Your company's people data is secured for viewing inside your company only.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Nokk-Nokk's UX and visual design takes the flat "people listings" that plague internal company directories and turns it on its head with a true interactive ("everything is a link") experience. Ordinarily company directories classify people by job title and maybe department, but Nokk-Nokk shows how people are actually members of a multitude of groups, from work skills & experience to the time one joined the company, in and out of work passionate interests, food and entertainment preferences, and opinions on various subjects. The UX visualizes in infographics these grouping memberships as well as "voting" on subjects and exposes both similarities and differing work adn lifestyles ("Early bird or night owl?")

Notably, Nokk-Nokk discards the worn-out paradigm of "filling out a profile". It pulls core corporate data from company sources and lets user discover qualities and aspects of others by a unique "pull off the tape" (see video) method that only works once a user volunteers his or her answer to the same question. The result engages users as they learn about others rather than mandate building a base profile or keeping one's profile blank.

The design accommodates generous personalization features that allows custom background & profile pictures, but doesn't demand them and will auto-fill from a library of imagery with subjects based on a user's initials.

The core of the product is "co-worker discovery" and home page features like "Employee of the Moment" randomly generates a photo & link to a different employee on every page load, and there's also realtime information on newest employees or recently added information.

Submitted By: Carbone Smolan Agency http://www.carbonesmolan.com & The Fanrod Group

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