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A CRM application that allows sales users to attract the right customers, assemble high-performance teams and increase sales intelligence

Cloud for Customer UX team, Product Management Team and Development Team. Project Lead by UX lead Prerna Makanawala.

To create a vision and design next-generation Customer Engagement (CRM) solution in the cloud at SAP

Over the past 2 years. Conducted User research, high-level concepts and storyboards in late 2013. Created detailed UI some in 2013 and some in 2014 and visual designs in 2014. Development of theses concepts/designs in 2015-2016.

With the goal of creating a Customer Engagement (CRM) vision of how Sales Reps will work in the near future, our team started with SAP Cloud for Sales, DILOS. To create a long term vision, we started with carefully designed research to identify nuggets of potential untapped areas of the current available solution. A thorough analysis of the findings revealed several critical problems that we should address. These questions led us one step forward to think about how sales reps will be using the product in the future.

We conducted user research, talked to experts and looked at technology trends. Based on the findings, we designed 3 personas and 6-8 different scenarios and ideated in a design thinking workshop, followed by an illustrated storyboard of all the scenarios. At that point, we decided to step back and validate if our initial hypothesis make sense by carrying out 6 interviews with customers and conducting a survey. The result of the validation further ensured that the concept we were designing has merit and potential for huge success. Next, we created detailed wireframe flows. After several tweaks and iterations, we created the final polished visual designs. We ensured the SAP Cloud for Customer UX vision was in line with SAP Fiori and its responsive UI design principles.
We also created an offline demo with illustrates how this new user experience with real clicks and animations.
If interested or needed, please feel free to reach out and we can share the offline demo.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

CRM is inherently a very complex enterprise space. Most CRM solutions are dated, period. They were created 10-15 years ago with extremely poor UI and usability that focus on backend database structures instead of the poor user and what’s important to him/her. In a nutshell, theses solutions made their lives more miserable and in turn most sales reps do not want to use any CRM solution, which is the number one issue that most sales managers have in their organization.

With today’s advancement in technology and social media and being exposed to that, the new generation of workforce expects a much simpler consumer-like experience for enterprise solutions. We believe we have achieved that in our vision and demonstrated how today’s sales reps would like to get their job done.

The DILOS vision is being showed at various SAP events and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive from customers (decision makers and end-users alike) and well as industry analysts.
“I can see how you are killing people on the UI”
“…very strong offering, I am surprised, I didn’t expect to see this”
“I am significantly impressed” - IDC Briefing
We’ve delighted customers and end-users! We believe we are worthy of a UX award, to have successfully transformed the user experience of a complex SAP CRM solution.

Submitted By: SAP Cloud for Customer UX

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