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Treehouse Go – TVE App Details


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Treehouse Go delivers the perfect experience designed for kids with the perfect control for parents.

What if kids who already love the Treehouse brand could dive right in to the world of their favourite characters? That’s exactly what the Treehouse application delivers.

The Treehouse Go app brings the brand and world of Treehouse to life for kids in an immersive and interactive way. Treehouse provides a colourful, rich and interactive world for kids to browse for their favourite shows. To kids, it feels like magic - they’re in the middle of the action. To us adults, it’s the magic of multiple parallax layers, physics-driven clouds and multiple interactive elements that make the world fun to explore.

The Treehouse App provides a simple yet intuitive workflow that allows children to get straight to their favourite show's content. Kids can easily pivot from browsing for their favourite character to then be present with a simple yet powerful video player experience. This innovative approach to the video player gives kids access to easily browse the show's video library while also providing an intuitive and convenient approach to downloading content. Don’t worry about explaining why you can’t watch videos offline again. Kids can add videos to their backpack and watch them offline anytime – road trips just got even more fun.

The Treehouse Go application also provide just the right amount of engagement for parents. The experience is designed to not only understand kids but how families will interact with each other during the app’s engagement life cycle. The Treehouse Go experience conveniently pulls parents in during the on boarding process while also giving them powerful parental controls when needed. The journey of a child and parent has been highly thought through to ensure parents have control while also providing kids with the independents and freedom they need.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

The persona and user journey definitions of the Treehouse Go application were integral in creating an experience for both parent and child. This research led to defining the right moments of engagement by parents: providing convenience, control, confidence, trust and freedom from constant disruption. Additionally, the experience provides children with the proper amount of independence and autonomy. Not only can they perform the simplest of tasks but they can also complete difficult tasks like downloading content, navigating complex content structures or interacting with video player features. We believe that the user experience research and definition through out the design process, led our team to design one of the worlds leading children's video apps.

Submitted By: You.i TV

Client Name: Corus Entertainment (Treehouse)

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