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2017 Awards & Prizes

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Judged Awards

The UX Awards are chosen by our rotating panel of expert judges using a 5-point voting system and consensus. The process is fully transparent and revealed on the Awards night at the event.

Grand Prize Winner (Platinum)

The overall best submission winner receives a large crystal award and $1,000.


3 Gold-level winners receive a large crystal award and $250.


3 Silver‐level winners receive a large crystal award and champagne.


3 Bronze recipients receive crystal awards.

Honorable Mention

5 Honorable Mentions receive framed certificates.


The top student submission receives a crystal award.

Student Honorable Mention

Student Honorable Mention receives a framed certificate.

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Crowdvoting Awards

People’s Choice

The Overall People’s Choice Award is chosen by the UX Awards community as the overall favorite, based on highest average vote by popular vote, and receives a crystal award.

Highest Rated

The Highest Rated Award receives a framed certificate.

Most Popular

The Most Popular Award receives a framed certificate.

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All Prizes and Benefits

All applicants

  • ◦ Permanent presence for your project on the UX Awards website, providing ongoing recognition and credibility for your efforts (if you opt-in)
  • ◦ Global visibility for your work during crowdvoting (opt-in)

All winners

  • ◦ Cash prizes up to $1000
  • ◦ Opportunity to give a talk at the UX Awards and at future UX Awards events
  • ◦ Crystal trophies or framed plaques
  • ◦ Champagne
  • ◦ A $350 value Loop11 project, or $9900 for the Grand Prize winner
  • ◦ A Rosenfeld Media book
  • ◦ A UX Awards black cotton tote bag

All applicants, attendees and winners

  • Final 2017 promotional benefits and giveaways will be announced 1 month prior to the event.

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Announcing the Winners

  • FINALISTS: Finalists are notified six weeks prior to the event. Each finalist must send at least 1 person to be in attendance in order to receive an award.
  • WINNERS: Every finalist is a winner of one award! Finalists just don’t know which award they have won. That is announced on the night of the Awards event.

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