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Comeet: Collaborative Recruiting Details


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Comeet is a collaborative recruiting platform to streamline the hiring process and improve hiring outcomes.

Although >80% of people involved in recruiting don’t work in HR or have an HR title, existing recruiting software is designed solely for recruiters and not easily accessible to anyone outside the HR department. We identified an opportunity to build one system for everyone involved in recruiting; recruiters, as well as hiring managers, interviewers, coordinators, and executives.

After mapping each role’s objectives, needs, priorities, wish list, concerns and terminology, product design began in Sep. 2013. Instead of settling on imaginary personas, we worked closely with companies on wireframes and prototypes. We released our beta in October 2014, and the first commercial version in March 2015.

The key to making our enterprise software useful for people who typically use it infrequently was to create intuitive functionality based on familiar visual concepts and to provide tools and know-how to make employees better and more productive in their respective recruiting roles.

Game-like workflow based on tasks, transparency and accountability simplifies recruiting management. Drag-and-drop customization enables extensive customization options. Every step for every candidate is automatically associated with a team member and their to-do list so nothing falls through the cracks. Decisions are based on extensive feedback and information that is visually simplified, available in one place.

Making Comeet so visual at every stage, ranging from team and candidate photos, create a personable and engaging user experience very atypical of most B2B enterprise software.

After 24 months, we launched our role-based platform. Adoption has been swift; Iron source, Redis Labs, Innovid, Sodastream, Gett, Taboola and Fiverr are already customers. Recruiters love it.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

We challenged ourselves with creating a new recruiting solution in a domain that existed for decades and is extremely competitive.

By following a user-centric design approach, working closely with companies to address each role specifically, and adopting real-life concepts into a digital product, we managed to drive engagement and maximize the value our users and companies realize.

Comeet’s user engagement already extends far beyond the domain of traditional HR software like Applicant Tracking systems. More than 75% of our active users do not have an HR title.

Comeet proves that enterprise software can be engaging and fun, and that thoughtful UX will increase engagement and drive business results.

In fact, our customers overwhelmingly cite the UX and ease-of-use as primary reasons for choosing Comeet:

“Comeet’s user interface and overall ease of use are key differentiators. Comeet is the iPhone of recruiting, it’s been very easy for everyone to pick up. It combines a lot of features, and a UI and UX into a really functional and efficient recruiting system for candidates, recruitment teams and managers”
Michal Lubovsky - Global Recruitment Manager, SodaStream

“As a CEO, using this system has been amazing. Managing the flows, monitoring the HR process, interviewing myself and taking notes. Great work guys, especially the UI/UX!”
Ran (Goldi) Goldshtein - CEO, Crossrider

Submitted By: Comeet

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