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Basil provides you with a new and better way to pay your restaurant bill using your mobile phone.

Basil provides you with a new and better way to pay your restaurant bill using your mobile phone. You can quickly add your tip, split the check, and make a payment in just a few seconds. The client already had a beta version of the app running as a mobile website and asked STRV to build a native app for iOS, integrate new features and redesign the entire user interface.

One of the first things we did was a quick UX review to identify the key parts of the app that needed to be improved. The main goal of the app is to easily and quickly pay restaurant bills. So we build the entire app around this main feature for the first release.

In terms of the design, we wanted to go for something fresh and light, with a few decent animations. The whole experience is focused on speed. The user will just have to type a few digits or scan their Basil code to load their restaurant bill details and then use their credit card or Apple Pay to finish the payment.

We think the restaurant payment experience can be improved. We’re looking forward to seeing Basil become the standard payment method at more and more restaurants.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

The client already had a better version of the app, so our main goal was more about testing and identifying what needs to be improved. We tested the app on ourselves and tried to identify user paths. It really helped us to cut off half of the existing app, because we realized that everything can be done on a few screens.

We created a new revised screen map to map overall project size and see how screens are connected. Based on that we worked on Features & Functionality overview to identify all UI elements and how they work across all screens. The design itself is pretty simple and general-looking. We wanted to avoid custom solutions and UI and rather have the app feel like part of the system. It also helped us to cut development for 30% of the time.

Basil has been already featured by Adobe on "Inspiration Is.." by Behance. Earned more than 5500 project views till today.

Submitted By: STRV

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