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Customer-friendly explanation of Citibank’s benefits including banking, mortgage and credit card products.

Citibank offers a wide variety of benefits to banking, credit card and mortgage customers. Driving engagement with these benefits is key to creating lasting and loyal relationships with their customers. However, with such a broad selection of products/services, not all customers are aware of all the benefits that are included as part of their Citi relationship. Often customers don’t even know where to turn to quickly and easily identify which benefits are available to them.

Citibank was looking for a non-traditional digital experience to engage and educate customers during all of their national campaigns. Given the complex benefit structure spread across several different product lines, they wanted to create a centralized site where customers could go to learn, explore and take full advantage of the benefits that would be most relevant to them.

Our objective was to help Citibank drive loyalty with current customers as well as attract prospects through a playful, engaging and flexible experience that educated them about the vast variety of benefits that Citibank offers.

Citibank presented us with a unique opportunity to develop a customer experience that could present their product benefits in one simple and easy to understand site. To ensure that the site would educate customers on the benefits relevant to their lifestyle and ultimately drive loyalty, we knew we needed to:
• Connect with customers emotionally through meaningful content
• Identify benefits that are relevant to customers’ lives through personalized experiences
• Make the experience fun and engaging to encourage customers to discover their available benefits

Having nearly 200,000 visitors in the first three months since its launch, the Citi Benefits Hub has become a destination for prospects and existing customers alike. Half of all site visitors have returned.

“It’s creative, it’s engaging and it stands out from its competitors”
–– Media Logic’s blog post on the Citi Benefits Digital Hub

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

The Citi Benefits Digital Hub is a customer-centric site that matches users with a lifestyle persona and then presents them with the benefits that match that persona. Users can also view the benefits relevant to other lifestyle personas to see the full range of benefits available to Citi customers. It’s easy to navigate, fun to use, and shows users the benefits that are most likely to appeal to them.

Step Process:
When a user lands on the Citi Benefits site, they are immediately given the opportunity to take a fun, “mad-lib like” quiz to determine their lifestyle persona. Once they submit their answers, they find out what their lifestyle persona match is – “Social Life Specialist,” “Tech Devotee,” etc. The user then sees benefits that match that lifestyle persona and might be most useful to them. They also have the option of viewing the benefits related to other lifestyle personas.
Users can save benefits to their benefits summary in order to keep track of those that are most appealing to them. Once they finish saving benefits, they can go to their summary page to learn more about the benefits that interest them and how they can take advantage of them. Users also have the option to email themselves the benefits selected. At various points within the experience users can also share their lifestyle persona match through social media.

Traffic was driven to the site through email, banner ads, paid search and social media posts encouraging users to learn more about which Citi benefits were right for their lifestyle. Social proved to be the most effective channel, driving 65% of all site traffic, with Facebook and Twitter posts seeing an increase of 14% and 132% respectively over platform benchmark rates.

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