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Beeline: Deliveries Simplified Details


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Beeline is designed to help drivers calculate how to get to multiple destinations in the most efficient way.

Beeline is a mobile app created as part of a UX Design Course at General Assembly. It is designed to help drivers get to multiple destinations by calculating the best routes based on the restrictions of their vehicles. Users can input a number of addresses and navigate through their routes efficiently without backtracking.

Delivery workers need get to places efficiently but are often held up by traffic, roadwork or get sent into areas that are difficult for their vehicles to navigate. The goal is to create an app that maps out current traffic hot spots to help drivers avoid when making deliveries while also allowing drivers to input multiple addresses and the calculate the best course of action.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Beeline is worthy of a UX Award because it solves a real world issue and is applicable to not only delivery drivers, but all drivers in general who could benefit from this new app feature. Whether you're a UPS driver with 20 deliveries a day, or a soccer mom with 2 hours to drop off 8 different kids home from practice, the same principle needs apply. In the course of a 12 week UX Design program, I was able to create a fully functioning mobile prototype and conduct numerous insightful user testings and shape my project accordingly with my findings.

Admittedly, at one point in this project, I got carried away in adding in features users wanted from user testing findings. This was an eye-opening experience when I eventually realized that by trying to please my users, the project has gone somewhat off track. By forcing myself to re-evaluate who my real target user is was the biggest epiphany of this whole project. I learned that in user testing, some people will request for bells and whistles to be added without much reason behind it, but it's up to the UX designer to step back and consider if that's what the user really wants, or what they think they want.

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