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Goodyear Responsive Re-Design Details


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Responsive re-design of Goodyear.com focusing on a quick and intuitive user experience

In 2014, the DigitasLBi team redesigned Goodyear.com to be a responsive experience, bringing a state-of-the-art tire shopping experience to phones, tablets, desktops, and virtually any other device. Our process began with a thorough content audit of the existing Goodyear desktop and mobile sites, identifying overlap, gaps, and key content. We developed a new information architecture to streamline the experience, simplifying the navigation while creating a structure that would accommodate future site growth without requiring any re-architecting. We then prioritized content on each page in a mobile-first effort to ensure the most valuable information was immediately available, while still making deeper details easily accessible.

During the detailed design phase, we worked closely with the visual design and technology teams to create interactive wireframes (often with visual design elements) in actual HTML, allowing us to begin structuring a responsive code base. This also changed the feedback of client reviews, shifting the focus to the site’s flow and function, not just how it would look. Frequent usability testing, both in-person and remotely, allowed us to iterate and improve, while UI style guides allowed new design elements to quickly be integrated.

The result was a website that truly followed an agile development flow, and exceeded our expectations in performance. Page load time and bounce rates were cut in half, while SEO visibility climbed and the number of tire searches jumped 25%. Qualitative testing backed up our findings, with quotes like this from one site visitor: "The process couldn't be much easier — it's actually faster and easier than a store." We found success through a constant focus on the user experience, creating a site that made tire shoppers happy and surpassed business goals.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

User experience was at the forefront of every decision made during this project – we focused on providing a great experience for tire shoppers on Goodyear.com regardless of their device.

Research & User Testing
Our data and research showed that mobile/tablet visitation was growing rapidly and consumers were using multiple devices to complete single tasks, so the need for a consistent/familiar experience was paramount. We tested everything from single word choices to fully interactive user flows, which influenced numerous design decisions, including comparison charts (a challenge on tiny screens), technical specifications, vehicle selection, and much more. We continued to test and iterate based on user feedback even after we went live.

Addressing User Mindsets
Tire shopping is unique — it is often a “grudge purchase” where users are uninformed and want to make a purchase decision quickly. We made it easy and familiar to find tires by quickly getting users to a subset of matches, and by incorporating familiar interface elements such as faceted search, product comparison, and consumer reviews to give them confidence in their decision-making.

Agile Development & Collaboration
We worked in 2-week sprints with visual designers and developers, moving directly from whiteboard sketches to in-browser, interactive pages. Feedback was based on the interactivity rather than the look, allowing us to focus on delivering a great experience, not a stack of documentation.

Proven Results
After we launched, we saw immediate improvements. Page load time and mobile bounce rates fell by half, while SEO visibility went up and overall tire searches climbed by 25%. Benchmarking studies pre- and post-launch confirmed that customers gave the new site higher ratings, finding it more and engaging and easier to navigate. Numerous quotes supported these findings, including: “very easy to navigate,” “excellent site,” “I found exactly what I needed easily,” “I love the way the website works!"

Submitted By: DigitasLBi

Client Name: Goodyear

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