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UDO Streaming Media Device Details


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UDO - The smart, simple and engaged TV-watching experience


The current TV-watching experience is fragmented and it is carrying over to multiple devices. It is not unusual to see consumers juggling between cable set-top boxes, streaming players and gaming consoles, where each device and application adds its own nuances and complexities. While consumers watch TV, they are also using mobile devices to find information about the programs they are watching, check schedules, get recommendations from their social networks or learn about their favorite artists and team players.

These two activities combined make the whole TV-watching experience tedious, distracting and overwhelming.


UDO redefines how people watch TV through a streaming media player that organizes Live TV, popular on-demand streaming video content, apps, widgets, and notifications and turns it into a smart, simple and engaged TV experience.

Users can personalize their experience and aggregate their favorite video streaming services, genres, movies or shows of their interest. Over time, UDO also learns from users viewing habits in order to make relevant recommendations on new content. The more time users spend with UDO, the more refined those suggestions become.


UDO streaming device
The device design is simple, clean, friendly and aesthetically balanced--worthy of keeping it visible in your living room. The white contrast was choosen to increase brand visibility and includes a center button to help find lost remotes, a feature to solve this recurrent problem.

The remote control design process included intensive iterations and user testing, mainly focusing on instant accessibility and operation simplicity. Rather than following minimal design principles like AppleTV or Roku remote, the approach was more conventional, the reason: single or dual button methods force users go down or up multiple information levels until users can find what they want

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

The project was ambitious in scope, but all details were considered and addressed to present a solution for a more integrated TV-watching experience that would compel consumers to shift consumer behavior towards tuning into live TV programming.

UDO’s project scope included competitive analysis, broad audience research, comparative user flows, extensive wireframing, digital prototypes, motion style, branding and product design for both the remote control and the streaming media device.

Why UDO is worthy a UX Award?

Because it is...

pleasing experience that let’s users easlity discover fun and entertaining content.

A smooth integration between live TV, VOD, web apps and widgets.

Transforms the passive TV experience into a rich interactive proposition.

A solution that let’s users customize their TV experience to match their personal needs.

Automatically finds content that is contextual and relevant to the user when watching TV.

A product that embraces simplicity to solve the confusion of watching TV.

An open source platform that can grow independently from the control of media and MSO companies.

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