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A destination for Spanish-speaking parents to understand education standards, and communicate with teachers despite a language barrier.

Univision Communications Inc. challenged Ready Set Rocket to design “The Univision Clave al Exito,” a web platform aimed as a destination for Spanish-speaking parents to understand education standards, and communicate with teachers despite a language barrier. The Univision Clave al Exito web platform is a destination for Spanish-speaking parents to find information on the common core standards, as well as to access tools that allow them to help their children to achieve academic success. The site’s primary goal is to drive parents to register and engage with the site tools and ultimately get more involved with their child’s education.

Ready Set Rocket created a strategy and central platform that is capable of serving Spanish parents and key stakeholders. In addition, Ready Set Rocket developed a beautifully engaging and fully responsive website that leverages authentic thought leadership to create meaningful connections with Spanish parents.

The Teacher Communicator tool and the Reading log are two of the key features of the site. Parents are asked to set up a profile with details regarding their child’s age, state of residence, and teacher’s contact information. Based on this profile, parents can access site content and tools customized to their child(ren)’s grade level including a reading log that allows parents to track their child’s time reading, and submit the reading log to their child’s teacher each week. The tools also recommend books appropriate for their child’s grade level. The Teacher Communicator tool allows Spanish-speaking parents to communicate with their child’s teacher by providing templates for letters with grade-specific concerns, information, and content. The parent simply selects a pre-written letter in Spanish, and then sends a pre-translated version to the teacher in English (or parents have the option to write a custom letter using a translation tool).

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

The Clave al Exito sites boasts educational content meant to inform parents of common core standards and concepts at a grade level for Pre-K through 12th Grade, for both language arts and mathematics. Additionally, there is a “how to help at home guide” for parents to access in order to help their children to apply common core tested skills at home.

The Parent’s Academy aims to help parents learn and apply key concepts to ensure they are equipped to help their children to learn the necessary skills to succeed in school and at home. This section includes a multiple choice quiz to help parents test their knowledge. Lastly, a blog section is updated on an ongoing basis giving parents tips, information, and up-to-the minute news on education-based issues, standards, and ideas.

Prior to the launch, Ready Set Rocket sat down to review the web platform with various stakeholders within the company to ensure the site would meet their goals and objectives on an educational level. Additionally, we utilized basic services including User Testing to identify site improvements, and Optimizely to enable post-launch testing.

Since the site launched, it has driven over 36,000 visits, with 3,726 users signed up and using the tools on a regular basis. Through partnerships with schools and foundations, Univision will continue to promote the tool as a key resource for Spanish-speaking parents to stay actively involved in their child’s education.

Submitted By: Ready Set Rocket

Client Name: Univision Communications Inc.

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