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SF Park Car HUD Interface Details


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An in Car diegetic interface, to assist drivers in the parking & navigation process allowing for both an expedited and cheaper experience.

One of the largest problems in our society is our dependency and lack of organization when it comes to parking. 95% of a car's life is spent in this state and much of our time is wasted locating a space, not including the environmental hazards, gas, and money wasted during this time. Our goal is to extend SF park’s capabilities, of parking api and general travel data, which already started the solution by creating a variable price and location finder system for the city but is limited to the computer and phone. We want to integrate this information into your car. So you have what you need when you really need it.

For this system it would reach and influence a fairly broad audience of drivers with a focus on those in major metropolitan cities, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City where parking is extremely difficult to find, and prices & regulations can easily vary from one spot to another. By looking at particular driver archetypes such as the Rent-a-Car Businessmen, Daily Drive Commuter and Weekender beacher the Spothunter always has users in mind.

In the car I developed a system using both voice control, like SIRI or Ford Sync users can control car functions of the phone and car system itself, such as playing music, setting a destination or activating the using functions of the Spothunter Parking mode. Also users can activate on wheel controls when their are many people in the car such as family and friends.

When users leave the car the system still works with their phone as they can also pay the meter even on the go with their connected phone via the app.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

A unique diegetic interface using current technology and data for easy to apply solutions, In addition gives a strong case point including user situations, personalities and dynamics throughout its development and final conclusions.

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