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Cyanogen Themes: Your Phone, Your Canvas Details


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Cyanogen’s Themes enable users to easily customize the entire user interface of their device.

Cyanogen OS backs the largest open source Android developer community in the world. We are working to create the most advanced customization, performance, and security technology available anywhere. We believe that just as each of our users are uniquely different, they should be able to express their individuality through their phone.

Key to this customization story is the creation of Cyanogen Themes. From neophytes to power users, our Theming solution had to appeal to a broad range of users. We solved this problem by enabling theme customization across the entire device with the click of a button. For more advanced users, they could use Theme Chooser to break a theme into its individual components and swap out components from other themes, thus creating an entirely new theme. If a user so desired, they could use App Themer to apply themes to any app, enabling complete customization across every aspect of the UI.

Finally, we created the Cyanogen Theme Store. Not only does the store organize and compile the themes into a central repository, it also encourages our community to create and sell their own themes through our store. Ultimately, what Cyanogen Themes accomplishes is the customization of the UI across an entire device in a fun and easy manner, making theming accessible to everyone.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

From the neophyte to the power user, Cyanogen enables theme customization across an entire device’s UI. This has placed Cyanogen OS at the forefront of mobile customization and won us recognition from such media outlets as Android Central and Android Authority

Users can choose from nearly 200 curated theme packs.

For power users, Theme Chooser lets users mix and match theme components such as icons, wallpaper, navigation buttons, to create entirely new themes; users can also theme apps.

The Cyanogen Theme Store streamlines the discovery process and encourages community engagement.

Submitted By: Cyanogen, Inc.

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