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2013 Entries

Below is a selection of 2013 entries.

The NEW SecondMarket

The project is attempting to revolutionize the capital markets and disrupts how the world looks at private vs public companies. SecondMarket will allow private companies to run a market for their shares, in a totally controlled and managed setting. Dictating things like who can buy and sell, when the market is open, how much shareholders can sell, companies have total control.

Submitted By: SecondMarket
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The project was to build a better microblogging service, that put the information ahead of the social connections, while also providing a less noisy means of information discovery.

Submitted By: PoundWire
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Playground Society

Playground Society is a way to bring more play into your life. Participants in Playground Society will get 2 or 3 text messages a week, each a simple Play Mission. The missions are designed to be fun, and meant to fit seamlessly into your normal day-to-day. As an extension of the play, you may also snap a picture of the mission and upload it to your profile. After you receive a mission, you have effectively unlocked it, and you can see everyone's documentation for that mission.

Submitted By: Playground Society
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MeetingWave – Real Networking. Real Easy.

MeetingWave helps you arrange targeted networking meetings with the exact type of people you want to meet.  Simply create invites describing the type of people you want to meet over coffee, lunch or other networking meeting. 

Submitted By: TTB Technologies, LLC
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Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race

The entire project was 3 months from inception to the race itself. During that time, we came up with all of the gaming rules, content, integration with Twitter and FB; designed the web portal, mobile web portal, Facebook page, and Twitter stream, devised the editorial strategy for the Race Director voice, and came up with the GPS framework to track the cars en route.

Submitted By: Razorfish NYC
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The LYNX Stream

The LYNX Stream is a social networking platform that uses a mobile app and users' existing social networking activities to generate a stream of information chronicling a group of friends' activities during a night out. Aimed at plugged-in 20-somethings, the platform aggregates tweets, check-ins, status updates, photos, and more, timestamping each post and creating a virtual scrapbook for consumption after the fact.

Submitted By: Razorfish
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Xerox Business of Your Brain

Business of Your Brain is a desktop application that analyzes your email to deliver a true picture of what's on your mind at work. Looking at your inbox, contacts, calendar, and even the words you use, the Brain highlights potential distractions standing between you and your ability to focus.

Submitted By: VML and Y&R New York
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Pic Healthy – Photo Food Diary

Pic Healthy is a mobile application that helps users make healthier food choices in a fun and social way. Users snap a picture of their meal and share it with their friends, who, by rating how healthy or unhealthy the food is, ultimately encourage better eating habits.

Submitted By: MedHelp International
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Sittercity.com Product Transformation

The scale of this project involved a heuristic evaluation of the entire website, a competitive analysis and other project discovery, followed by a phased design and technology execution of our recommendations. Sittercity needed urgent business results from this project. Hence we prioritized our recommendations and executed in phases; starting with the most high-impact quick wins. The total project timeline was approximately six months.

Submitted By: Modus Associates
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The objective of this project was to create a new product - runens - an iPhone app focused on runners that would allow the discovery and creation of hyper-local running communities.

Submitted By: Ci&T Inc
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A new information architecture, user experience and creative design for SunPower’s website.

Submitted By: ThoughtMatrix
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Delivering the American Express Brand promise to Business Travelers

We capitalized on the audiences’ behaviors and needs to design an interface that is simple, efficient, satisfying and surprising. The deliverables, including a system of templates, modules, interaction and design specifications, served as the foundation required to build the user interface for the mobile experience. The UX strategy and design phase spanned approximately 3 months.

Submitted By: Siegel+Gale
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UX Hires

UX Hires’ role is to help the CLIENT formulate a strategy for recruiting (and growing their UX practice) and screening individuals to find the right match.

Submitted By: Motivate Design
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CNNMoney – iPad App

In a space which is flooded by business and finance iPad apps that are overloaded and cluttered with information, the CNNMoney iPad app focuses on the basics, providing an extremely easy-to-use user-centric interface that is optimized for navigation and comfortable reading experiences.

Submitted By: CNNMoney
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Diageo’s Alexander & James

Alexander & James is a luxury online retail experience and Diageo’s first major direct-to-customer e-commerce site. The new website, named for legendary spirits masters Alexander Walker and James Buchanan, provides a luxury experience for discerning shoppers online and is dedicated to Diageo’s collection of Reserve brands.

Submitted By: Huge
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Skyscanner iOS App: version 3

Skyscanner is the no. 1 independent travel search site worldwide, and its iOS app is the flagship mobile service for both iPhone and iPad.

Submitted By: Skyscanner
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TouchTunes Virtuo

The Virtuo is the world’s first SmartJuke, an in-venue (bars, night clubs, restaurants, etc.) entertainment platform for interactive social, music, and game play.

Submitted By: TouchTunes Interactive Networks
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Patalogue is a revolutionary cloud-based catalogue platform for the iPad. It includes a catalogue builder for users to build their own catalogues with, and an attractive iOS app to publish it on. With these two tools, Small & Medium Companies can build their own iPad catalogue at minimum cost.

Submitted By: Patalogue Limited
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3D Interactive Bingo Machine

This project is one of the party event for freshman at Wakayama University(Japan). 3D Interactive Bingo Machine makes effects as follows. - Enjoy the party and make many friends! - Study the posibility of design and information science!

Submitted By: Keita Yasui
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WWE Community – Corporate Social Responsibility Website

WWE Community is a subdomain of the existing WWE website meant to highlight the work that the organization does in service of the greater good. Known as CSR, or corporate social responsibility, the WWE has a large body of ongoing work with the US Military, Susan G. Komen, Make-A-Wish and Be-A-Star to name a few.

Submitted By: DOOR3
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Vanguard Life Ticker

The Life Ticker is a mobile and desktop application created to help people think about priorities. It allows users to log in with their Facebook account, and scrapes images using an algorithm designed to provide users with a diverse spread of interesting photos.

Submitted By: kbs+
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truTV Impractical Jokers Mobile App

The truTV Impractical Jokers App brings the hit show Impractical Jokers to fans’ mobile devices! The app offers users numerous features to keep them engaged with the show. The “Jokers Hotline” dials directly to the stars of the show, who, if they’re free, will happily talk to fans. If they can’t pick up, callers will hear a recorded message from the guys, updated daily.

Submitted By: truTV
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Tourism New Brunswick Website: An Authentic, Personalized, Simple and Beautiful User Experience

Our submission is a consumer based website created for the province of New Brunswick's Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living department.

Submitted By: T4G Limited
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The Atlantic City Getaway Planner

The Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority needed a way to bring people to Atlantic City for reasons beyond gambling. There goal was to increase visit time by educating potential visitors to restaurants, events, shopping and other activities. The "DO AC" campaign was born. The ACCVA wanted to encourage the "funseeker" audience segment to take spontaneous trips to Atlantic City.

Submitted By: Havas Worldwide
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The Jewish Food Experience: User Experience Meets Identity

SPARK Experience worked in partnership with the United Jewish Endowment Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington to create the Jewish Food Experience (JFE) website. The JFE was developed as a response to a community desire for new and different Jewish communal experiences that would invite, engage and excite Jews who identify themselves primarily by culture rather than religion.

Submitted By: SPARK Experience
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SeatGeek iPhone App v1.1

SeatGeek's iPhone application, originally launched in December 2012, was an effort to bring the best elements of SeatGeek's award-winning web app for event and ticket search to the iPhone.

Submitted By: SeatGeek
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Priceline Android app: Flights

Our goal was to create a best-in-class Flight search and booking app for Android users. The major challenge we faced as a team was creating a pure Android experience within a company that historically has been iOS driven. Rather than to port an iOS product, we wrote and designed the Android flights experience from scratch.

Submitted By: Priceline
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While Nike has always stood for one principle—empowering athletes to reach their full potential—but online, it was a different story: Over 70 different digital properties that weren’t consistent or in concert.

Submitted By: R/GA
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Olympics Virtual Stadium

As a premier sponsor of Team USA at the 2012 London Olympic Games, Duracell sought to drive a national movement by motivating consumers to energize Team USA. With this goal in mind, Duracell launched its largest brand initiative to date - an unprecedented social media activation designed to connect fans and their favorite competing athletes.

Submitted By: Digitas
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O Popular 4.0

Unique Value Proposition oriented by the User Experience. A high quality news experience requires an approach that recognizes the reader as a human being, with likes and dislikes. O Popular 4.0 creates a trans-platform news ecosystem that welcomes the reader as a person, not an IP address.

Submitted By: Grupo Jaime Câmara
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Millions of Americans are affected by hearing loss as a result of a traumatic brain injury. The daily frustrations associated with hearing impairment only escalate the social anxiety experienced by teenagers.

Submitted By: Virginia Tech
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Account Management UI

Domain registration and hosting is a niche industry with little room for deviation. We soon realized that our users were dealing with a clunky, unintuitive experience when managing their accounts. We set out to create a user experience that would meet the needs of our technical and non-technical customers. This is the story of Name.com's New Account Management UI.

Submitted By: Name.com
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Micron Website

Micron designs and builds some of the world's most advanced memory and semiconductor technologies.

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Merrill Edge Face Retirement

Face Retirement is a one-of-a-kind experience created and delivered using multiple channels and devices.

Submitted By: Starcom
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Mahindra & Mahindra Corporate Group Mobile Site

Mahindra & Mahindra is a leading manufacturing brand from India which spans ten business sectors across eighteen industries. The project aims to spread the company’s online presence by embracing the mobile space and be accessible everywhere. The mobile optimized websites were meant to be modern, engaging and designed to showcase the company’s technology-focused outlook.

Submitted By: UX Labs
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Logix Federal Credit Union Website

A new brand and identity was developed to replace Lockheed Federal Credit Union's branding. Extractable was asked to design a new website in conjunction with the new brand and name "Logix."

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LikeFolio is where stocks meet social. It mines your social sites to give you new ideas on where you could invest.

Submitted By: Slice of Lime
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laXmi – Financial literacy education system for microfinancing

“laXmi” is designed for Semi / Illiterate women, who are engaged in Microfinancing. It is used at the time of formation of a Self Help Group, the basic unit of Microfinancing and is based on an old traditional floor game which is part of the culture in rural India. The analogue game is complimented by a an app that runs on an android phone/tablet. It is used by the NGO representative conducting the training session.

Submitted By: Design for bottom of pyramid class
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iPEPcare | support for a virtual pharmacist-clinician partnership

iPEPcare is a public health intervention in New York City whose main purpose is to determine support of a technology-supported pharmacist-clinician partnership that could assist in the provision of PEP to reduce the spread of HIV in populations that still experience high rates of infection.

Submitted By: OM Digital, Inc.
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Intuit Mobile Payroll – Taxes & Forms

Intuit Online Payroll for iPhone and Android is the first mobile application to enable employers to pay payroll taxes anytime, anywhere, right from their smartphone. With push notifications, app badging, and e-pay capability, it keeps entrepreneurs on top of their finances and lets them focus on what they love about owning a small business.

Submitted By: Intuit
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Indigo Studio

Indigo Studio is an interaction design tool that empowers designers to quickly "sketch" interactive, animated prototypes, explore real-world usage stories with storyboards that integrate with prototype screens, and easily annotate, share, and evaluate those prototypes for rapid iteration and design concept exploration.

Submitted By: Infragistics
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Incredimail – Email App for iPad

Incredimail is your email experience redesigned for the iPad. This app introduces a completely new UI concept for email that allows users to flip, peak, and quickly scan through their emails to provide the most pleasant and enjoyable email experience.

Submitted By: Perion Network Ltd.
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IMMUNE – Cell phone based vaccination in formation management system

A smart phone based system designed to increase the rate of vaccination in developing countries. The rate of vaccination varies from 50% in urban to 2% in tribal areas. The solution has two parts, an analogue part that works with the children and their families. The digital part that facilities the health care worker in the collection and management of data in an efficient manner.

Submitted By: Design for bottom of pyramid class at Virginia Tech
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IDFC MF Website

Purpose was framed by knowing the pitfalls in the industry. The mutual fund category itself is quite a complex world to deal with. Inspite of a high surplus income, most Indian consumers lack the basic awareness of mutual funds – its mechanics and benefits.

Submitted By: UX Labs
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ICICI Culinary Treats App

ICICI Bank is one of the leaders in the Indian Banking industry. In 2011, they had launched Culinary Treats – a Dining Program in order to incentivise ICICI Bank Credit and Debit Card spends, where they partnered with 800+ restaurants across the country.

Submitted By: UX Labs
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Goldman Sachs Make an Impact App

Goldman Sachs needed to create a mobile experience to attract and engage potential campus hire recruits. They wanted to prepare students for every stage of the recruitment process via a seamless integration of mobile, social and web based content.

Submitted By: kbs+
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The Feed by Getty Images

Getty Images asked us to help them stand out in the intensively competitive editorial photography market.

Submitted By: R/GA
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While these designs were being implemented for the 5 apps, we also worked with the customers to identify other key apps in the MSS/ESS scenarios that could be part of this portfolio. All of these are planned to be delivered in the next few months using SAP's UI5 (HTML5) technology.

Submitted By: SAP
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Fidelity Investments Smartphone App

The 2.0 version of the Fidelity Smartphone App equips users with a wide range of financial tools that facilitate faster and simpler investing on the go. With the ability to create a personalized Home-Section, mobile users can quickly thumb-through content that’s tailored to their unique investing goals, providing a timely and comprehensive overview in seconds.

Submitted By: Fidelity Investments
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Express Your Thanks

Bank of America has been supporting the troops for over 90 years, but amidst a sea of bad press, the good the bank was doing was not being fully recognized.

Submitted By: Starcom
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Everyday Purchases, Everyday Portraits

The goal of Everyday Purchases Everyday Portraits is to create a community that inspires users to create their own unique, personal illustration paying tribute to the fight against breast cancer.

Submitted By: Starcom
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WellPoint: WellPower

WellPoint, one of America’s largest health insurers with such brands as Anthem and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, has evolved. No longer is WellPoint involved with a person only in a health crisis or when they are ill. Instead, WellPoint partners with consumers in helping them reach their health goals.

Submitted By: Deep Focus
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The project under consideration, REINCARNATED, is an app for fans of entertainment icon Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg). Designed to support Snoop's latest album of the same name, the app offers a visual, written, and audible account of the artist's latest album release of the same name. Call it multimedia liner notes.

Submitted By: CITIA
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CareCircles was developed after we identified an opportunity for technology to address a flawed approach to overseeing the education of special needs children. Parents of special needs children were overwhelmed with sorting through and applying the recommendations of multiple teachers, doctors, therapists and specialists. CareCircles synchronizes the input of multiple care providers, and optimizes the overall outcome for the child while minimizing stress for the parents.

Submitted By: SAP
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Our team wants to address three common issues of daily life: communication, navigation, and organization, through an app and assistive device combination. Our app will serve as a daily planner allowing one to customize events, contact information, and location availability so that he or she can adjust the app as he or she goes about his or her day.

Submitted By: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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Black Lotus

The first goal of the Black Lotus project was to evolve our entire platform to create responsive and compelling personalized experiences for each of our over 2.5 million users and utilize innovative technology to implement a holistic, cross-channel product that fits Voxy into our learners’ lives. Secondly, feedback from user testing and target audience research indicated that learners found more value and confidence in a structure that parallels a traditional classroom learning experience.

Submitted By: Voxy
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Huge assisted Barneys New York in completely remodeling Barneys.com, with the goal of bringing Barneys’ unparalleled in-store shopping experience to life in the digital realm. The new website offers shopping with a story, ultimately delivering an elegant and engaging experience that makes Barneys, Barneys. Huge undertook the full redesign and build of Barneys.com.

Submitted By: Huge
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Bank of America – About Us

Bank of America has been supporting the troops for over 90 years, but amidst a sea of bad press, the good the bank was doing was not being fully recognized. The “Express Your Thanks” campaign was created to inspire and invite fans, customers and military families to express their thanks to the troops through an engaging experience across a range of channels.

Submitted By: Starcom
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AT&T U-verse Easy Remote

The U-verse Easy Remote App is an intuitive and innovative app that enables customers to easily turn their smartphone or tablet into a U-verse remote control with new voice control functionality.

Submitted By: AT&T
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Asian Paints Website

Asian Paints is India’s leading and largest paint company and ranks third largest in Asia. Established in 1942 the company has grown over the years to operate in 17 countries and 24 paint manufacturing facilities in the world, servicing consumers in over 65 countries.

Submitted By: UX Labs
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Axis Bank Mobile Site

Axis Bank is one of the leaders in the Indian Banking industry. With the substantial growth in mobile usage, Axis Bank wanted to build a mobile website to better connect and engage with their customers. We noticed that most banking mobile sites in India were content-heavy or just a web-adapt version. We believed that today’s users deserved a mobile site that was as smart as their phones are – a mobile site for smart banking on-the-go!

Submitted By: UX Labs
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