2015 UXies

The Premier Awards for Exceptional Digital Experience

The 2015 Awards

For 2015, 17+ judged and crowdvoted prizes and awards will be handed out at our November 16, 2015 event!

UX Award Photo

All winners will receive certificates for online UX prototyping and usability tools worth over $1000.

Judged Awards

The UXies are chosen by our rotating panel of expert judges using a 5-point voting system and consensus. The process is fully transparent and revealed on the Awards night at the event.

Grand Prize Winner (Platinum)

The overall best submission winner will receive

  • ◦ A large crystal award
  • ◦ $1,000
  • ◦ Annual License to Loop11 (worth $9,900)
    Loop11 is a self-serve, browser-based solution that allows you to create your own online, usability testing projects to get the metrics needed to optimize website usability.


3 Gold-level winners receive a large crystal award and $250.


3 Silverā€level winners receive a large crystal award and champagne.


3 Bronze recipients receive crystal awards.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mentions honor 3+ noteworthy additional submissions and receive framed certificates.


The top student submission receives a crystal award.

Crowdvoting Awards

People’s Choice

The People’s Choice Award is chosen by the UX Awards community as the overall favorite, based on highest average vote by popular vote, and receives a crystal award.

Highest Rated

Highest Rated Award receives a framed plaque.

Most Popular

Most Popular Award receives a framed plaque.

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