2014 User Experience Awards

The Premier Awards for Exceptional Digital Experience

Join us for the 4th Annual International UX Awards in San Francisco, CA on September 11, 2014

The UXies showcase each winning product and its creators; share UX practitioners’ creative processes and approach; reveal the judge’s evaluation process and perspective; offer advanced UX talks from the judges and guest speakers; showcase hiring companies; and provide many informal opportunities to meet and celebrate with the winners, judges, applicants, senior UX pros, hiring managers and thought leaders.


Schedule for Thursday, September 11, 2014

ADVANCED LEVEL AFTERNOON TALKS & NETWORKING | 12:30 – 6:00PM | Merchants Exchange Club

465 California St, San Francisco CA 94104


♦ Doors open 12:30 PM

Hear behind-the-scenes talks from the 18 winning finalists- before knowing who will win what, beginning 1:00 PM

           ♦ Paul Cloutier, Principal at Method Money, 1:00-1:15, Room A

           ♦ Kyle Stewart, 2nd year Industrial Design Student at Virginia Tech, 1:15-1:30, Room A

           ♦ Goran Peuc, Principal UX Designer at SAP Ireland, 1:30-1:45, Room A

           ♦ Jerome Tavè, UX Designer & Jon Wong, Designer at Uberconference, 1:45-2:00, Room A

           ♦ Mathew Ray, SVP Director of Creative Techology at Mullen/Mark Boroyan, 2:00-2:15, Room A

           ♦ Katie Koch, Director of Design – Enterprise Growth Serve at American Express, 2:15-2:30, Room A

           ♦ Martijn van Tilburg, CEO & Founder of 10,000ft, 2:30-2:45, Room A

           ♦ Felipe Memoria, Partner & Product Designer and Joe Stewart, Partner & Designer at Work & Co., 2:45-3:00, Room A

           ♦ Paul Cloutier, Principal at Method, 3:00-3:15, Room A

           ♦ Eliad Goldwasser, Design Lead at SAP Design and Co-Innovation Center, 3:15-3:30, Room A

           ♦ Coffee, Wine & Snack Break, 3:30-4:15, Reception Room

           ♦ Mitchel Ahern, VP Marketing at Catina, 4:15-4:30, Room A

           ♦ Adam Sant, Experience Design Director at Deutsch LA, 4:30-4:45, Room A

           ♦ Alex Morrison, Managing Director at Cogapp, 4:45-5:00, Room A

           ♦ Tal Florentin, CEO of UXVision, 5:00-5:15, Room A

           ♦ Nicholas Jitkoff, Design Lead & Jessica Huang, UI Designer of Google, 5:15-5:30, Room A

           ♦ Trevor Coleman, Founder & Chief Product Officer & Jay Vidyarthi, Senior Interaxon Designer at Interaxon, 5:30-5:45, Room A

Afternoon talks & Q+A with our judges and guest speakers:

           ♦ Janice Fraser, LUXR/Pivotal: “Design for Innovation” 1:00-1:25 Room B

           ♦ Todd Lefelt, HUGE: “Born Hackers: Designing for the Next Generation” 1:25-1:50 Room B

           ♦ Turi McKinley, Frog: “Building a Culture of UX Collaboration” 1:50-2:15 Room B

           ♦ Michal Pasternak, formerly HUGE: “That Ever-Elusive Empathy” 2:15-2:40 Room B

           ♦ Alex Wright, Etsy: “The Platonic Network” 2:40-3:05 Room B

           ♦ Cliff Kuang, WIRED: “The Rise of Silicon Modern” 3:05-3:30 Room B

           ♦ Coffee, Wine & Snack Break, 3:30-4:10, Reception Room

           ♦ Margaret Stewart, Facebook & Brian Kralyevich, Amazon: Live Group Q&A by Cliff Kuang 4:10-5:00 Room B

           ♦ Janaki Kumar, SAP: “There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be a Designer in the Enterprise” 5:00-5:30 Room B

Plenty of opportunities to meet people in the historic Art Deco bar & reception room


Photo Wall + Interactive Installations

           ♦ Joshua Goldberg, Installation Artist, presents “Shadowed Time” in the main room with Photography by Andrew Yao-An Lee

           ♦ Taurin Barrera, Multimedia Artist, presents “Particular Variations” in entry hallway

EVENING EVENT | 6:30 – 9:45PM | Merchants Exchange Club

465 California St, San Francisco CA 94104

Wine & champagne reception with hors d’oeuvres in the historic Art Deco bar & reception room, 6:30-7:15

Opening Remarks begin 7:15:

           ♦ Rafe Needleman, Editorial Director, Yahoo! Tech

           ♦ Beverly May, Executive Director UX Awards

Hear from each of the judges on how they evaluated their submissions:

           ♦ Cliff Kuang, WIRED

           ♦ Alex Wright, Research Head, Etsy

           ♦ Brian Kralyevich, VP UX, Amazon

           ♦ Greg Petroff, CXO & GM UX, GE (Remote)

           ♦ Janice Fraser, CEO, LUXr at Pivotal Software

           ♦ Margaret Stewart, Director Product Design, Facebook

           ♦ Michal Pasternak, Former CXO, HUGE

           ♦ Turi McKinley, Participatory Design Director, Frog

See the 19 Winning projects: Grand Prize, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Finalist, People’s Choice, Secret Admirer and Student

Hear from each of the winners!

Closing Keynote: Andrew Crow, UBER


AFTER-PARTY CELEBRATION! | 9:45 – 11PM | General Assembly

501 Folsom St, San Francisco CA 94105

Join us to celebrate as the drinks and food flow with great music at General Assembly – 5 minutes away

           ♦ DJ Rich DDT

           ♦ Installations by AntiClockWise Arts: Watercolor Walls & Unearthed

           ♦ Must be a ticketholder to attend

The Awards


The UXies are chosen by our judges using a 5-point voting system and consensus. More Info

♦1 Grand Prize Winner (Platinum)

♦ 3 Gold

♦ 3 Silver

♦ 3 Bronze

♦ 6 Honorable Mention

♦ 1 Student

♦ 1 People’s Choice

♦ 1 Secret Admirer

2013.01.30 The Guardsmen Graduation Night


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