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Press Releases

International UX Awards to Move to San Francisco for 2014

UX Awards 2013 Winners Press Release_June, 2013

UX Awards 2013 Announcement Press Release_April, 2013

UX Awards 2012 Winners Press Release_May, 2012  



Past Coverage

UX Awards Kioto Prize

Announcing The Disrupt NY Hackathon Judges, API Workshops And Awards

News.nom.com: International UX Awards to Move to San Francisco for 2014

Interview with UX Awards Founder Beverly May, Hired Guns,_April, 2013

UX Awards Past & Present: Interview with Beverly May, UX Magazine, October, 2013

Boxes & Arrows Review, UX Awards 2013

UX Matters Review, UX Awards 2013

Cerner  Press Release, Winning a UX Award 2013

MSNBC- UX Awards 2013

YAHOO!- UX Awards 2013  



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