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Mobile Majority’s End-to-End Mobile Advertising Platform Details


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The Mobile Majority builds the first vertically-integrated mobile advertising platform

We are The Mobile Majority, a mobile advertising company based in Santa Monica, California. Our entry for this year’s UX Awards is the design and implementation of our mobile advertising platform, built in-house by a collaborative force of UX, Product and Engineering teams.

We began the development back in 2014, and since then have built a fully end-to-end mobile advertising platform that houses every component needed to run a successful mobile advertising campaign, from ad creation and delivery to targeting and measurement. During that time, we also built a full pattern library to maintain a unified approach and decrease future development time.

The mission of our platform, and The Mobile Majority as a whole, is to make mobile advertising better for brands. It’s a mission that was first identified and developed through our own experience working in the fragmented mobile ecosystem. Frankly, it’s too difficult to run a mobile campaign today with the existing technologies. There are too many vendors that must work together seamlessly. So we sought to create our own solution - our platform - that would make mobile advertising easy by focusing on user-centered design through one unified technology stack.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

The Mobile Majority set out to fix an industry plagued by inefficiencies and widespread fragmentation.

Normally, to run a mobile advertising campaign, advertisers had to work with 5 - 12 different vendors, raising the cost of campaigns while dramatically lowering efficiency.

Our challenge was to bring the functions and features of these vendors under one roof in a way that was user friendly. This includes allowing the user to set up highly custom mobile campaigns, the ability to build mobile ads of various types and functionalities, and the ability to optimize campaigns in real-time.

Through detailed research of our users and analysis of our competitors, we determined that our platform not only had to be powerful in this way, but also flexible. Users rarely set up campaigns in the same way or in the same order. We had to create a system that was highly customizable for each person’s situation, but also streamlined so that users would not get lost as they created, launched, and optimized their campaigns. In order to create this system, we built a pattern library to ensure unified experience while increasing product development speed and decreasing product development cost.

Our priority was to ensure advertisers were running campaigns that were both cost-effective and efficient. We give them detailed metrics on historical performing campaigns before a campaign has even begun. We worked intimately with our development team to ensure this data is presented in a way that’s digestible and, most importantly, actionable. In that way, our platform wouldn’t be reactive, but proactive - enabling real-time optimization.

The result is a robust platform that is both powerful, yet flexible - sophisticated, yet intuitive.

Yet the most important accomplishment remains our platform’s ability to solve the industry’s greatest problem. Now, for the first time in mobile, advertisers can run their entire campaign from start to finish, efficiently and effectively.

Submitted By: The Mobile Majority

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