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Under Armour: Anatomix Spawn Facebook Experience Details


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Under Armour needed an immersive multi-channel campaign to promote their new basketball shoe, Anatomix Spawn.

Under Armour released a new basketball shoe called the Anatomix Spawn which is worn and promoted by NBA players such as Steph Curry, Kemba Walker, and Brandon Jennings. Under Armour and the Eastbay athletic company work together to give customers a traditional eCommerce outlet to buy the shoe online, but Under Armour needed a creative and engaging microsite to compel their target audience to not become buyers, but also identify with the shoe, the implicit culture, and digitally share their experience with others. R2i worked with Under Armour to identify the online behaviors and personas of the 12-24 year old target audience who can be influenced by the Spawn celebrity athletes as well as be excited about the shoe’s new design and performance on the basketball court. R2i is responsible for developing a strategic and tactical digital framework to deliver a strong branded experience, an interactive and user-friendly interface and design features that speak to the target audience. We then created an online experience that highlights the technology, materials and performance expectation of the new lightweight basketball shoe via a highly interactive and engaging microsite that lives inside Facebook. R2i managed all aspects of the user experience, content architecture, design and build cycles as well as a strategic Facebook advertising program and online media campaign development creating an integrated digital framework.

Live Project Link: https://apps.facebook.com/ua-anatomix/

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Through multi-media design features, a user-friendly interface, and strategic attention to its target audience, r2i created a social media campaign that's not only highly engaging but also extremely actionable. Over a 6 week timeframe, the Anatomix Spawn microsite received over 2 million total impressions, more than 1,500 page likes and most importantly 560 clicks to "Buy Now" at a cost per click of $0.08. By designing unique UX elements within an eCommerce format, r2i was able to transform an interactive social media experience into a revenue-generating medium that not only promotes the shoe but ultimately sells it.

Submitted By: R2integrated

Client Name: Under Armour

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