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TouchCommerce Mobile Chat Solution for e-Commerce Brands Details


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TouchCommerce live chat solution and patented engagement layer technology offers innovative customer experience for m-commerce

We are nominating the TouchCommerce mobile chat solution for e-commerce brands and its core underlying technology - the TouchCommerce patented engagement layer. The engagement layer offers an innovative way to deploy a chat window and any other form of digital customer engagement. Unlike a secondary browser window that most chat programs use, the engagement layer mimics the design of the customer’s website and persists as consumers navigate the site so that contact, content and context are never lost. As a result, customers are able to engage with the agent from page to page, never losing sight of the window. The engagement layer also provides the technology base to push not only text, but also rich content such as video, surveys and any other HTML5-based information. Mobile chat users will experience the TouchCommerce patented engagement layer the same way they do on desktops but adapted for the mobile platform with unique features described below. The TouchCommerce mobile chat solution is not app-dependent, is supported by all browsers with no additional software or installation required.

Live Project Link: http://www.touchcommerce.com/

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Live chat can be viewed as a commodity in the e-commerce space; however, design and user experience of a live chat solution on a brand's website can make a significant impact when it comes to customer engagement and conversion. The TouchCommerce technology ensures that a customer's experience is consistent across all devices. In mobile chat, the design makes full use of limited real estate and the mobile client interface adapts to the environment for the most elegant user experience. The mobile chat solution leverages the company's patented engagement layer (described above) with mobile-specific features, including: - Transparency of the chat background, which enables users to see the website behind the mobile chat window, keeping the visitor mentally connected to the website and what they are chatting about. - Ability to minimize the chat window, which allows the customer to easily move back and forth between the client interface and the webpage, making the experience truly contextual. - Incremental message indicator, which makes the experience feel familiar, like chatting with a friend, while at the same time ensuring that the customer does not miss any agent chats. - Complete customization with logo placement, SMS-styled chat bubbles and ability to configure for business rules (Example: customized rules as to when to launch proactive chat invitation to site visitors, based on proprietary targeting algorithms developed by TouchCommerce). Overall, the core underlying engagement layer technology (patented by TouchCommerce) has shown to be more effective than typical chat platforms. In recent tests comparing the engagement layer customer interface experience with the traditional secondary browser experience that most chat programs use, the engagement layer-powered chat sessions produced: - 27% more conversions - 7% better handle time - 2x the typical survey take rate The mobile chat experience is still new for some of our customers, but we continue to receive positive customer feedback such as this comment from TouchCommerce mobile chat customer Joe Crowley, VP of marketing at Total Gym Fitness (in a recent interview with Mobile Marketer): “Having [live mobile] chat on the site allows us to [create] a fuller, more comprehensive experience for the visitor…The group that interacts with chat has a higher conversion, usually a better average order value and a higher one-pay percentage as compared to the group that does not interact with chat.”

Submitted By: TouchCommerce

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