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SAP Scouting empowers football franchises to identify, evaluate and acquire talent to build their teams.

The scouting process is complicated in nature. In order to evaluate players, scouts watch players all over the country both in person as well as on film. They then form their opinions about the players and enter their evaluations in the system of record. Before SAP Scouting, in order to identify players of interest, the scouts had to sift through numerous, complex reports. The entire process of collecting information about players was very transaction oriented and time consuming. It was then difficult to connect the information together to form a holistic opinion about a player. The SAP Scouting App presents all consolidated data in one place and allows a seamless flow of information between all scouts, trainers, and managers responsible for putting the best team on the field. The SAP Scouting app tackles the problem of time wasted on chasing and compiling information head-on by simplifying the data collection process and making consolidated team and player data available in real time. We have combined both internal team sources, such as ability and character assessments from scouts, as well as external data provided by third-party agencies to have a single point of truth about every college and professional football player. This optimization has allowed scouts and management to spend less time wrestling with software and more time examining and discussing players.

Live Project Link: http://marketplace.saphana.com/Lines-of-Business/Information-Technology/SAP-Scouting/p/3538#description-section

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

The SAP Scouting app deserves a UX Award because we have successfully changed the conversation from "this is how we do it" to "we have never done this before." Over time, the sports teams have begun to challenge their existing ways of doing things themselves. We have tackled the teams’ problems head-on by simplifying the data collection process and making consolidated team and player data available in real time. "The SAP Scouting app takes something that's a 10- or 12-step process and makes it a four- or five-step process. There are reams of data on players, but it synthesizes all of that information and makes it clear and easy to understand for a scout, a coach or the ownership. – Paraag Marathe, 49ers COO Our Patent Pending auto-completion search functionality utilizes intelligent design to predict and run users’ search actions. This enables SAP Scouting to open up a large set of data to be searched without the user needing to know or understand complicated data parameters. We chose to combine the simplification in process with a clean, minimalist design to visually organize, clarify and communicate data-intensive information. This allows the scouts to efficiently digest the information without distracting the user with arbitrary design elements.

Submitted By: SAP AppHaus

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