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Samba Bank Mobile Site Details


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A mobile site that truly reflects Samba Bank’s state-of-the-art services and personalized approach to banking.

Our focus while developing the Samba Mobile Site was on the behavioral, psychological and contextual needs of the on-the-go mobile user. The idea was to make it simple for the customer to perform banking transactions with complete ease and security as he went about his daily life. Users should be able to locate a branch or and ATM or contact Samba anytime, anywhere. In addition, the design also had to seamlessly incorporate English and Arabic, both of which had oppositely oriented scripts. Key features: • Access to most-used sections for mobile users on the homepage • Easy swipe and select for viewing and comparing credit cards • Ability for the users to login and make transactions from anywhere and anytime • Google Maps integration for location finder

Live Project Link: http://m.samba.com/en/index.html

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Rather than a bloated offering of all the features on the main website, only the features that were most relevant in the context of the mobile user were added - such as ATM/branch locator, quick bill-payment, viewing account statements, fund transfer and more. The Credit Card page that has been adapted from the website was made very mobile friendly. Users can easily swipe between various available debit cards and read features and details. Comparing these Credit Cards was an even simpler and user engaging task, where one had to simply tap on the image to add it to compare. Another feature that makes the mobile phone site a very important tool for Samba is the location finder. Users can not only locate a Samba Center but also have options to select special services the center provides. The whole system has been seamlessly integrated with Google Maps API and the users can view results as a map view as well as a list view.

Submitted By: UX Labs - Indigo Consulting

Client Name: Samba Bank

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