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QardioArm, a smart wireless blood pressure monitor

We gave ourselves a challenge to create a medically reliable blood pressure monitor that wouldn't look like a medical device and eliminate all the inconveniences that come with regular blood pressure monitoring. There are 83mm Americans currently living with some heart related condition. Cardiovascular diseases are chronic: once diagnosed, they stay with you for life. Complications are preventable however, regular monitoring is the key. QardioArm blood pressure monitor came to life after numerous consultations with cardiologists asking for a smart blood pressure monitor that would allow its user to live a daily life without the inconveniences a traditional blood pressure monitoring entails: bulky devices nobody wants to have around, can't be easily carried around, require manual tracking and so on. We thought of every little detail such as creating a simple 3 step manual wrapped inside the cuff for the user to find it before the first use or doubling the use of the cuff as a protective sleeve. We wanted to develop a BP monitor that would fit a modern lifestyle and people would want to use and have around.

Live Project Link: http://youtu.be/OV5Q9QILsNI

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

We have developed a blood pressure monitor with exceptional user experience. We have eliminated all inconveniences a traditional BP monitor imposes: 1. elegant design 2. portable 3. smart From a simple touch paring with your smartphone or tablet (via bluetooth) and without requiring website logins etc, to automated sharing with family or loved ones, we eliminated the need for a pen and journal, calculator or a call to your doctor. Our app provides useful tracking, sharing and reminder setup in simple steps. The design is of a modern daily object and compact enough to carry in a pocket. It gives no excuses to skip on BP monitoring, which is a life saving daily routine to millions and required by doctors.

Submitted By: Qardio Inc

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