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A tool that allows you to get feedback about applications as you design them

Drive.SAP is a tool that helps us design better applications. It enables designers to get feedback on their designs as soon as there is some artefact to be shown - even a photo of a rough concept drawn on a napkin. Designers upload screens into Drive.SAP tool and send studies to clients or anyone who would be fit to give feedback. Results are then analysed and designers can decide on the next iteration of designs. It started on the initiative of Sam Yen (SAP Chief Design Officer) and as a necessity since it took too long for clients to actually see any progress during design stages. As sending screens in email was not effective enough, we set out to create Drive.SAP. Project was created, and is being upgraded and maintained by an internal team of SAP designers and developers. There are many features being considered on the development roadmap, and we listen to the feedback of the users using it. One of the goals for Drive.SAP is to become an open project anyone on the internet can use, not just remain an internal tool.

Live Project Link: http://drivesap.ondemand.com

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Drive.SAP features some of the simplest designs to do complex tasks ever created by SAP. The way things work, fine tuning details and interactions, animations and transitions, smoothness of user interface and level of polish is outstanding. Among other things, we are very proud of the "Selection Doughnut" which allows participants to easily put notes on screens. It is a neat little interactive gadget that you just have to see in action. And of course, Drive.SAP is a tool that helps people build better software. The UX of other pieces of software is growing because our designers and developers are using Drive.SAP.

Submitted By: SAP Ireland Ltd.

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