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A digital, interactive history-wall that weaves the story of Plantronics and enriches the visitor experience.

Our challenge was to craft a digital interactive experience that would illuminate the brilliance of the Plantronics' past, the excitement of its present, and the brightness of its future. The experience needed to speak to the company's longstanding history and tradition of innovation and their position as a leader in their field, while seamlessly integrating with the designs of Gensler’s architects for the redesign of their founding offices in Santa Cruz. The touchwall comprises 7 individual screens linked together by a custom engineered solution running a multitude of motion, video, audio processes alongside the numerous touch input requirements. Dynamic content converts passersby into an engaged audience. JUXT created a Digital Brand Experience that surpassed Plantronics & Gensler’s expectations, providing a medium through which visitors discover and explore a beautiful, unified representation of Plantronics’ current industry leadership and rich 60-year history.

Live Project Link: https://vimeo.com/94066860

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

This project embodies the foundation of JUXT's design process of iteration and constantly cycling between design and development, and between our internal team and our client. Through thorough research and input from key stakeholders, JUXT identified the pain points to solve for. We iterate through prototyping - approaching design problems by addressing design issues early through prototypes that mimic the format of the final product as best as possible throughout the project’s development. From the earliest stages, we created prototypes to ensure that the user experience was not only visually stunning, but elegantly functional and useable. Closely following the wireframes, we created life-size prototypes taped onto the office wall. Here, we heuristically determined a number of fundamental usability metrics. As a result, the Plantronics Interactive History Wall is an stimulating, informative, and user-navigable touchwall experience that not only solves for the client's pain points, but impresses, wows, and woos the audience.

Submitted By: JUXT

Client Name: Gensler for Plantronics

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