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Piper: Smart, elegant security and home automation Details

Black Piper with Samsung S4

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Piper is the first all-in-one home security and home automation device.

Piper is the first all-in-one home security and home automation device. It combines a camera, panoramic video, Z-Wave home automation and environmental sensors into a single, elegant product that you interact with on your Android/iOS device. Piper transcends traditional security measures with no monthly contracts or fees, and there is no installation required; Piper is ready out of the box. It boasts a unique, compact, two-toned form with brushed metal legs, offering a sleek design that complements any space. Piper brings consumers the connected home, allowing them to enjoy peace of mind while away from home. One of Piper’s main features includes fully customizable security through its wide-angle camera that lets you watch over what matters most. Set up rules for what Piper does when you’re at home, away or on vacation -- “If motion is detected while I’m on vacation, sound the siren, record a video, and send me a text message.”-- and know immediately what’s going on. Piper also features alerts and notifications so you can get notified when things happen at home with a phone call, text message, or email and watch a video of what got Piper's attention. Add friends and family to your trusted circle and Piper will contact them if you're unreachable. Within the camera view, watch live video and talk directly to occupants in the room. Piper is ideal for communicating with kids after school, pets while at work, housesitters while away and for checking in on elderly parents or grandparents. Lastly, Piper features smart hardware and comes equipped with a motion detector, microphone, piercing siren, and battery backup for your peace of mind and constant protection. Don’t let Piper’s sleek build fool you, its built-in Z-Wave controller can also work with accessories to keep your home energy efficient, automated and help save money while allowing in-depth visibility into your living environment.

Live Project Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p9Eroa8RGI

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

​Piper's original design was driven by the need to have a device that looked both non-threatening and comforting. As a security system with home monitoring, our design goal was to create a product people would want to use, and one that would look attractive in the home. Piper was also designed for renters and people who cannot have standard security systems in their home. Piper is a great alternative to standard security systems as it is simple to use and requires no installation. We knew more technical users would want to take advantage of Piper’s sophisticated system, but we were also aware that people wanted a simple product that would be easy to setup. To help solidify our design process, busy people who had little time or interest in figuring out technology became one of our benchmarks for usability, and this helped us further refine our vision of Piper by specifically designing features with the end-user in mind. Designing Piper was a creative and disciplined process, and after 5 product iterations, we developed Piper’s current design. The device stands upright, raising Piper’s camera and thus positioning it to accurately capture a room with its 180-degree field of view. The vertical design also helps with air flow, enabling Piper to record accurate temperature readings, and the design choice also allows for the placement of the speaker and siren inside the device to be on opposite ends. The future of the smart, connected home will be guided by technology that not only anticipates what consumers need but is also controlled naturally. The connected home is becoming more easily accessible to consumers than ever before, and we’re going to see greater demand from consumers to have the ability to interact with their homes in a simple and seamless way. With Piper, this is already a reality, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this movement.

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