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Petcentric.com is the ultimate destination for pet lovers, highlighting special moments between people and pets.

Purina wanted their all-new Petcentric website to be the ultimate destination for pet lovers, highlighting the special moments when people and pets bond through inspiring stories. The existing website needed a complete strategic and design overhaul for the social age. Our challenge: Create a clean, focused, visually pleasing design and multi-channel content strategy to reach Purina’s desired audience. Additionally, create one seamless experience across web, mobile and tablet that would encourage more focused time spent on the site by users, increase the sharing of content and help convert users to customers. Our team: • Analyzed which posts had the most interest and were most shared • Built upon that success to increase page views and time spent on site plus content virality across social channels • Rebuilt the site from scratch with a “mobile first” responsive design so all content could be enjoyed on any internet-connected device • Created a visually crisp, easy-to-read and navigate design that put our content front and center, encouraging greater content consumption and sharing • Optimized SEO to win in search for core keywords • Retired superfluous, unused features • Updated publishing calendar from monthly to daily, keeping content fresh for our users

Live Project Link: http://www.petcentric.com/

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Although the website has only been live since mid-December, over the first six weeks following launch, we had already seen significant increases in engagement and key conversion activity: •+23x lift in CTR to CRM Subscription •+279% increase in Share Rate on Articles •+142% increase in Articles Viewed per Visit •+20% improvement in Bounce Rate •+13% increase in Repeat Visitation

Submitted By: Deep Focus

Client Name: Petcentric by Purina

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