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Patient Data Explorer – Accelerate Cancer Research Details


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Real-time analytics software for doctors and researchers to improve and accelerate cancer research

Patient Data Explorer allows doctors and researchers to access patient data from from various systems with a single interface to improve cancer research. Complex data sets can be visualized in real-time. In addition, the tool offers a comprehensive overview of each individual patient’s medical history in a graphical timeline, making it easy to access information with any level of detail. The intuitive analytics tool replaces time-consuming and manual processes, streamlines workflows streamlines workflows and increases the efficiency among medical teams. Through several iterations complexity clears the stage for simplicity: The uncluttered and appealing interface features a workflow-oriented structure that requires minimal training. Developed in a co-innovation project with the German National Center for Tumor Diseases the tool drives more personalized care and more effective treatment for the patients. This new SAP product can be customized for different cancer centers and hospitals, which means that more institutes will be able to obtain better research and to dramatically improve the accuracy of cancer diagnoses.

Live Project Link: http://experience.sap.com/designservices/work/simplifying-nct-patient-data-to-save-lives

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

With the Patient Data Explorer cancer centers and hospitals can significantly accelerate cancer research and the development of individual, highly adjusted cancer therapies. (1) Save time and obtain meaningful data easily with real-time business software – Patient Data Explorer is a tool specifically tailored to the needs of oncologists. The volume and variety of information that needs to be processed in providing comprehensive cancer care is immense. Thanks to instant access to clinical information from different databases and real-time analytics medical staff can significantly accelerate the development of individual, highly adjusted cancer therapies. (2) Streamlined Workflows increase the efficiency among medical teams – Patient Data Explorer integrates different sources, streamlines workflows and replaces manual process to increase efficiency among various medical teams. At the same time is shows information according to user status for maximum data security. NCT was only able to assess the effectiveness of a new treatment on 5 to 10 percent of patients due to limited staff and capacity. Now with Patient Data Explorer, NCT can significantly increase the number of patients with access to new treatment methods. (3) Intuitive and Appealing Interface for different roles with major functions easily accessible – The uncluttered interface features a workflow oriented structure that is intuitive to use, requiring minimal training. The use of colors support the interaction model and complexity clears the stage for ease of use without loosening any functionality. In addition, it suits not only experts but also roles of all levels. E.g. less frequent users can explore clinical data via a menu-based access and experts can use context-based intelligent search bar to find data more easily. (4) New product solution customizable for different cancer centers and hospitals – Answering an important demand of the health care sector, Patient Data Explorer was co-designed with medical experts from the NCT, where it is now in use and developed further. The elements of the new SAP product can be easily adapted to different cancer centers and hospitals, which means that more institutes will be able to obtain better research, outcomes and save more lives. (5) Hands-on and user-insights-driven approach to work with the customer – By working closely with the NCT, by taking a hands-on and user-insights-driven approach and by iterating in short cycles the multidisciplinary team succeeded in bringing a completely new product to market in the area of clinical research - a complex domain where SAP had little prior experience. Prof. Christof von Kalle, speaker of the board of directors of NCT, says about the project: "We are now able to extract and analyze data from various sources and present it to physicians and researchers in a way that enables surprising new insights. That in turn means we can offer more effective treatment to our patients.” It was awarded by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy alongside other SAP healthcare activities: http://www.forbes.com/sites/sap/2013/11/14/the-white-house-honors-sap-stanford-and-nct/

Submitted By: SAP AG

Client Name: National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT)

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