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MTV Music Experiment Photobooth Details


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A custom made app for MTV demonstrating the new Intel Ultrabook’s touchscreen capabilities.

Using the Intel Ultrabook’s touchscreen capabilities, Tiger Party’s new app provides an interactive photo booth experience to MTV Music Experiment 2.0 audiences. Users can capture and manipulate images using the touchscreen interface and interactive design of the custom app. Music fans compete for large-scale concert events through social media engagement, including the custom made app present at all MTV events. Users can print their newly created images, email them, or post them to social media platforms easily. The options for the photo booth app can be customized for an event, providing a completely unique experience for audiences. Unlike a typical photo booth experience, users can engage with the image through interactive touch screen features. For example, users can completely control the size, position, and angle of an object instinctually. In terms of the development process, our team was faced with creating an app that a user would instantly understand how to use. The app would be introduced at the event and users would have no prior experience with the app, and no time to learn how to use a less user-friendly app. The result was an app with a simple two-step process, all on one page, that users could begin creating with automatically.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

With help from Tiger Party, the Intel Ultrabook faced increased awareness and engagement. According to MTV, all of Intel’s objectives were reached and results surpassed original estimates significantly. The app itself was proposed in response to audience research. The target demographic of adults aged 18-35 was successfully reached and user engagement surpassed Intel’s original goal by 165%. Users were motivated to experiment with the Intel Ultrabook’s capabilities and high level of user friendliness. It successfully featured touchscreen capabilities with a user friendly and instinctual user interface. The photo booth app by Tiger Party was the perfect platform for demonstrating the touchscreen capabilities of the device, at MTV’s varied series of concert events.

Submitted By: Tiger Party

Client Name: MTV Iggy and Intel

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