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The new MSNBC.com is THE hub for progressive people to come together…and “To Move Matters.”

MSNBC needed a new home. A destination for people to lean forward. One we would help build. Our work was driven by one crucial insight: MSNBC viewers care about issues, not just headlines. Issues give people reasons to gather and galvanize. And we knew we needed to form a community to make this happen. By unifying the site with the broadcast channel, blogs and social feeds, there was already a built-in community for us to mobilize. With the new MSNBC.com, we created THE hub for progressive people to come together…and “To Move Matters.” To move conversations on the issues. To move people to take action, to do one more thing. Because one more video watched, another comment made, or item shared adds up to progressive change MSNBC wants to inspire and drive.We turned the one-hour show experience into an always-on experience that literally engages people 24/7. The navigation structure now serves as a Call to Action, moving MSNBC users to Explore and Watch to Join in and Speak Out. And by integrating discussion and community alongside the content, no one has to scroll down to vote, share, comment, join a group or contact an MSNBC personality. It’s never been easier and more inviting to stand up, be heard and rally support. Visually, we knew that a progressive site needed a progressive design. Designed with only 10 stories displayed on the homepage, high impact headlines and photography, our simple, uncluttered look ensures sharp focus on the issues. We also built an intuitive home page scroll, optimized for touch screens. And we created a responsive design that reconfigures the experience on all screen sizes and platforms.

Live Project Link: http://www.msnbc.com

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Today, MSNBC.com isn’t just the marketing page for the network. It’s become the sole destination for progressive-minded people. Our strategic solution is satisfying the needs of impassioned consumers, opinionated editors and fiery show personalities. Here, it’s an equal playing field for anyone to be heard. True to their brand, MSNBC broke out of the mold, stood up for their beliefs and finally gave MSNBC the loud voice they needed in the digital space. And the voice is resonating. Much to the delight of MSNBC and its advertisers, visitors have increased by 452% and page views have gone up 1818% since the launch of the site. By providing the progressive community a much needed home, MSNBC has turned passive consumers into active participants, moving matters and transforming politics as we know it.

Submitted By: SapientNitro

Client Name: MSNBC

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