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Evolution of the Mirror World's first Digital Mirror with real time "perspective distortion correction"

Our Core technology Eliminating the Camera distortion in real time and makes makes the Digital Mirror experience as similar to a real Mirror. MemoryMirror makes trying on clothes digital and interactive. With a hand wave or a smartphone tap, shoppers control the mirror to see back and side views of themselves; change outfit styles, sizes, and colors; and see themselves dressed in different outfits side-by-side and then instantly share images and videos of themselves with friends via smartphones and social media.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

It's the first time in the world that a combination of any camera and screen can provide a real Mirror experience , it feels like the camera is behind the screen . We don't change any habit of the users , but by using our Mirror users get automatically their videos and can share with their friends and family , and we can take body measurements and provide virtual dressing in their mobile devices afterwards. A windows to the future of shopping...

Submitted By: MemoMi Inc

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