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LiveEngage: A Powerful Cloud-Based Digital Engagement Solution Details


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LivePerson creates a new interface for seamless, multi-channel digital engagement for businesses of all sizes

LivePerson is the leading provider of online digital engagements, including chat, voice, video, and content. Our clients are looking to increase sales, improve service levels, and maximize online marketing efforts. For LiveEngage, our mission was to combine LivePerson's different products and capabilities into a unified experience by creating a new platform for any business user, that would be simple enough for our small business clients yet still powerful enough to meet the requirements of our enterprise clients. Focusing on a simple way to create and empower engagements, LivePerson’s UX and UI teams have taken the lead on a new initiative to reimagine LivePerson, offering and consolidating all digital engagements into a unified experience. To do so, we focused on three main angles: the agent or brand associate, the marketer or campaign manager, and the call center manager. We decided to build an interface that consolidates those angles using powerful common areas: a work area, where the client can build and control campaigns and engagements and interact with visitors, a data panel that contains real time analytics and dashboards, presented contextually at all times, and a connection area that brings the power of LivePerson connection for the system users.

Live Project Link: http://www.liveperson.com/

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Not only did we combine these three main angles: campaign manager, call center manager & brand associate/agent into one user interface, but the new LiveEngage user dashboard creates innovative solutions in a few special areas, including: a simplified and intuitive work area for chatting with customers, an intuitive and custom panel that serves as an effective solution to display complex actionable data and reporting in real-time, and a Connection Area that serves to connect customers and LivePerson professionals through a contextual, always-available/in-product panel. This new platform brings LivePerson's different capabilities into one central and easy-to-use dashboard.

Submitted By: LivePerson

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