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A mobile web app that trains your tongue. Practice makes pleasure.

Lick This App was developed my Pablo Rochat and Chris Allick over the course of a 2 days. It was simply an exercise in new interaction design approaches. Conductive touch screens are all around us. Technology has permeated all parts of our lives, but we often do not question it. Although very tongue in cheek, no pun intended, Lick This App quests the traditional approach to interacting with touch screens by inviting people to wrap their phones in seran wrap and lick them. Is this the future of touch technology? No, but it's a fun subtle way to start a conversation and potentially have people talk about their bodies/sexual health in a fun way. And we think the 40 thousand people a day that visit the site agree.

Live Project Link: http://lickthisapp.com/

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Lick This App invites people to interact with their mobile devices in a funny/novel way. This is a device they touch/interact with all day long. This is quite a challenge. over 40 thousand people a day visited the site and this means we got over 750 thousand people to lick their phones in less than a month. Without simple/elegant UX design most people would have simply dismissed the site and gross/silly. It's easy to consider the project a joke, but myself and Pablo Rochat are incredibly proud of our ability to get people to use a ubiquitous technology in a novel/clever way.

Submitted By: Club Sexy Time

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