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Mad*Pow teamed up with GE Healthcare to design and produce Corvix.

Mad*Pow created two Corvix applications: Corvix India: Explore public health statistics at the Country and State level, place hospitals in Districts within a State with Cardiovascular Disease capacity, group these new hospitals in multiple scenarios, model the health and financial outcome over time, compare the outcome of the scenarios. Corvix India Oncology: Explore statistics at the Country, State and District level, view and filter oncology facilities by type and existing oncology screening and treatment equipment, view potential distribution of FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose) to support radiology screening and treatment. Locate under-resourced districts with potential for added oncology facilities.

Live Project Link: http://www.madpow.com/simindia/index.html

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

The project began when Mad*Pow teamed up with GE Healthcare to design and produce SimIndia. One of the challenges was designing a demo that worked not only as a tool for GE’s sales team to use with potential customers, but also as a stand-alone, self-guided experience that customers could engage with on their own. The concept piece evolved into Corvix India, a working prototype that permits users to build multiple outcome scenarios for hospital facilities to fight cardiovascular disease, by projecting what that location will look like economically in 20+ years. Public health statistics are visualized as heatmaps. Users can place hospitals with specific configurations of testing equipment, then through Agent Based Modeling and Simulation compare health and economic outcomes for Cardiovascular Disease care over the next decade. Corvix is an innovative and interactive approach to improving the overall health within specific populations, regions and sectors. Corvix combines Maps, Models and Games to provide an interactive solution that allows users to “test” and compare various models for improvement, from building a new hospital in a region, to re-allocating resources among existing institutions. The combination of Maps, Models and Games can be a very powerful tool for directing healthcare resources. With data on maps, two aspects of data can be very powerful. The first is having the same data at progressive levels of granularity: Country, State/Region, District/County. The second is having this same data across periods of time. Progressive granularity allows the application to support continuous zoom of the data through the map. A uniform time series allow the application to reveal chronological changes in geographic context. When Mad*Pow and GE Healthcare paired up to create the world’s most powerful health simulation tool, it could be used to solve the challenges of accessing big data and in return, be used as a tool to provide better health. Mad*Pow and GE Healthcare created an interactive tool that would allow decision-makers to compare multiple scenarios to optimize the impact their investments would have on the health and economy of the country or a specific region. This tool can provide immediate, concrete, data-driven answers to some of the biggest questions policy makers, public health officials, and private investors face. This tool provides GE Healthcare customers the ability to visualize the full costs and benefits that arise from increasing health care access in different regions, while simultaneously provides GE with compelling rationales for the investment decisions they make regarding technology. This simulated data modeling demo for GE Healthcare is used both internally and with outside clients, and provides immediate, concrete, data-driven answers to some of the biggest questions policy makers, public health officials, and private investors face.

Submitted By: Mad*Pow

Client Name: GE Healthcare

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