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Folia: Complex Connections Made Simple Details


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With direct and elegant UI, Folia makes communicating otherwise complex ideas beautifully simple.

Since the early days of the web, there have been many attempts at developing products that use links in composed documents. Most have failed because the UI was too complicated and there were too many steps required to make the outcome worthwhile. With Folia, we've created an intuitive and extremely simplified application that helps users create in the same way they are used to consuming. We are used to clicking links on the web to access further information and expand our understanding of an idea but up until now, the way we compose and express our own ideas has continued to be disjointed and tedious. We aimed to make Folia a seamless and natural solution.

Live Project Link: http://folia.com/

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

If the plot of Folia is making connections, the theme is clarity. It's seen in the basic function of the app—allowing users to communicate their complex thoughts clearly—and is further demonstrated through the sparse look and feel, which removes all distractions for a starkly refined workspace. Internalizing this theme of clarity allowed us to step further from the precedents set by similar software attempts, especially because our driving philosophy had nothing inherently to do with interface design, but rather everything to do with clear communication. Folia is the culmination of a 2-year exercise in restraint and editing. What began as something experientially indistinguishable from a standard word-processing/annotation app, is today strikingly simple yet just as powerful. We’re not unique in our ambition to make software for everyone, but we feel we have created something more approachable and inviting than anything else in our niche.

Submitted By: Branchfire, Inc.

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