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EVIO is an omni-channel platform that bridges the online-offline divide to create seamless shopping experience

EVIO provides an easy and effective way for product advertising to hand-off from non-digital channels like newspapers, magazines, billboards, cutouts, posters, amongst others to a digital channel like mobiles and tablets - by using picture recognition technology so that the user can directly interact with imagery from the physical channel. It also provides a persuasive environment for the user to make a purchase in the digital channel. In case the user wants to sample to product physically, it allows for a intuitive handover back to the physical channel such as a retail store by showing nearby store locations that carry the product and giving the user the ability to call or get directions to those stores.

Live Project Link: App is under development

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

EVIO platform fills the gaps in the buy journey by being context-aware across multiple channels. It complements user behavior by allowing them to shift their context between channels to provide a continuous experience.

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