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An inclusive system to create, search, and manage marketing assets.

As marketing planning, management, and analytic software, content management is a very important piece of the puzzle in creating a functional application for CrossCap's user base. Marketers need to add goods for sale, manipulate them, offer them at different prices and deals, connect them with calendar events, link them together based on past analytical data, and so forth. Add to that the number of different goods sold by huge retailers that compose our user base (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.), and the design challenge becomes readily apparent. In order to tackle this problem, I focused on leading our team towards a robust, inclusive design solution that is now widely extensible horizontally throughout the market. Rather than structuring the design based on the needs of a certain retailer, therefore, I structured this towards a view towards the bigger problem itself: how every marketer thinks about creating campaigns, what information they need when finding digital assets and structuring them into offers. As a result, we now have a design framework that works for our current marketing clients, and any in the future.

Live Project Link: http://nickbewley.com/prototypes/content-creation-management-and-search

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

We have created a very robust, extensible solution to tackle an industry-wide problem. Whereas before one would have to create assets and search for them in different sections of our application, our research indicated that oftentimes users would be interested in the characteristics of another already-created asset while in the process of creating a new one. Hence, we concluded that the search functionality should lie in the same part of the application as creation. Users can, therefore, partially fill out the form to create an asset, then if curious about the attributes of another, search and find the asset in question in order to finish the creation of a new one with the appropriate supporting information. So, whereas users might have had multiple browser windows open in order to make informed decisions in days prior, they can now perform all of this functionality within a consolidated user experience.

Submitted By: CrossCap

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