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Cloud Phone- The Simply Sophisticated Virtual PBX Details

Cloud Phone

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Cloud Phone offers sleek, simple web-based phone system to micro-businesses (1-10 employees).

Cloud Phone is a simple phone system intended to cater to small businesses (1-10 employees) who want something more professional than the use of a direct cell phone line. It is a 100% web-based, preconfigured phone system with a dedicated local or toll free business phone number that answers customer calls and routes them directly to any phone number in just a few steps. From there, it’s easy to add additional people to the account / assign extensions to them, forward calls in specific sequences, and more. Activity like voicemail, missed calls and fax can be checked by the admin in aggregate at any time. You can even replace the computer generated message with one in your own voice. Cloud Phone can be used by just one user as easily as it can scale into an advanced VoIP system that supports hundreds of phones and multiple office locations. Examples of businesses that might benefit from Cloud Phone include: a mobile car detailing service, catering company, financial consulting business, law firm, medical office, sole practitioners, such as insurance or real estate agent, and almost any one-to-10-person business, whether geographically dispersed or single-location. Users can select from three subscription plans, ranging from $19.95 to $49.95 per month. All new Cloud Phone users receive a free 30-day trial when registering for the service.

Live Project Link: http://www.cloudphone.com/

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Oftentimes, small business owners and their employees end up using their personal mobile numbers as their main line of business communication. These professionals desire to be perceived as more established, but do not have the resources to install an expensive, sophisticated business phone system. We solved this problem quickly and in a very simple way. Cloud Phone provides users with a dedicated business telephone number with advanced business features that can be set up in under a minute and used on the go with the user’s mobile device. This simplicity is unique in the business cloud telephony space, as these types of products tend to be complex and cumbersome. We believe in the user experience philosophy of agile design through testing and iteration. Getting a very basic premise into our customers’ hands allows us to gather feedback right away and measure behavior. The features are intentionally light. User discovery actively influences where the product needs to go from a workflow, design and feature standpoint. We used a mobile-first design philosophy, designing from the mobile screen size up to the browser. Our customers can use Cloud Phone from their mobile devices without ever having to use the desktop if they wish. Cloud Phone can be set up in under a minute and requires no special skills to adjust phone settings, add employees, or add features. It’s ideal for a busy entrepreneur who has no time and little budget to spend on IT. Other differentiating features include: • Responsive web applications that work equally well on desktop and mobile browsers • Easy invitation process • Cost-effective price points and straightforward subscription plans to save money and simplify monthly billing • Robust call-in and email customer support from an experienced, established telecom provider • Business class telephony network and quality (QoS) As Cloud Phone was created using HTML5, it provides users with a consistent experience across all channels. Furthermore, Cloud Phone requires no special skills to make changes or adjustments as small business owners add workers and departments to their growing companies.

Submitted By: Voxox

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