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Chrysler 200 America’s Import Online Video Player Details


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We built a custom video player offering 6 unique viewing experiences, each unlocking different content.

Our main challenge was how to get a user who has already watched a Super Bowl commercial on TV to watch it again online, not just once, but TWICE. Our solution was simple: give users something more to watch. So we created several buckets of exclusive, online-only content and a custom player to support it. We built a custom video player offering 6 unique viewing experiences, each unlocking a different bucket of exclusive content. So not only could we achieve our goal of maximizing YouTube views, but we could allow users to engage more deeply with the commercial, the car, and of course the brand. This is innovative simply because no one has ever done it before. Usually advertisers just accept the notion that there is no way to offer unique content experiences on YouTube without rendering the viewcount useless. Through technology, creative thinking, and old-fashioned hard work, we proved it can be done.

Live Project Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/chrysler/

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

On the day after the Super Bowl, the "American Re-assembler" performed exactly as designed. Visitors to the Re-assembler on YouTube interacted with the original version of the commercial and went on to click on an average of 5 additional interactions. The History Pop up and Audio Mixer being the two favorites. On Super Bowl Monday the campaign delivered an impressive 1200% increase traffic to Chrysler.com. Over the following two weeks the Bob Dylan Super Bowl ad had received 9.7 million views on YouTube.

Submitted By: SapientNitro

Client Name: Chrysler Group LLC.

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