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adidas miCoach smartwatch Details


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Fjord extended the miCoach experience into a wearable that allows runners to maximize their workouts.

adidas partnered with Fjord to extend the success of their miCoach platform onto a smartwatch. The challenge was to bring the service into a much smaller smartwatch screen while maintaining continuity with the design, functionality, and features included in their online and smartphone offerings. In balancing a new wearable device with existing paradigms, Fjord designed a smartwatch that could be likened to having a personal trainer with you while you run. With visual, tactile, and audible coaching options, runners can easily receive performance feedback without distracting from their run and track their training progress through visual infographics. Equipped with an intuitive touch interface, a heart rate monitor, GPS, and a music player, the miCoach smartwatch provides runners with the necessary tools and personalized coaching to improve while enjoying a phone-free run. Although this second video is confidential, we welcome the judges to watch the following 3 minute video of the project team discussing our approach as long as it will not be shared beyond judging. Confidential video url: https://vimeo.com/98268775 password: 2014uxawards

Live Project Link: http://micoach.adidas.com/us/smartrun

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

The miCoach smart watch is worthy of a UX Award because the compact design and intuitive interface allows athletes to simplify their workout accessories without sacrificing the quality of their training.

Submitted By: Fjord

Client Name: adidas

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