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We held two events to help Hermes by crafting a personalized experience.

Hermes is known for their spectacular and lavish live events drawing VIPs and extensive media attention. They brought us on to help the 176-year-old luxury brand revolutionize and transform their physical events with a digitally unified brand experience. We held two events, one in Miami and one in Beverly Hills. Through these events we helped Hermes maximize their investment and reach—by carefully crafting a more personalized experience for the esteemed guests. Our ultimate objective would be to fully immerse these VIP attendees and keep them engaged in the seamless and magical world of Hermes. In Miami, we celebrated the men’s collection by crafting three sets of RFID-enabled interactive mirrors for a special locker room installation. In Beverly Hills, we had a glamorous opening that introduced new interactive magic to the guests.

Live Project Link: The below was a 2-part event activation. Therefore the project is not live since it was just two event promotions that included digital installations.

Why this project is worthy of a UX Award:

Guests were given RFID tags or tokens at each event. Both were their keys to unlocking the content throughout the evening, and for saving their digital mementos. These were all captured effortlessly and shareable using RFID and video tracking technologies. After both of these events guests could visit their personal microsite displaying their souvenirs… Demonstrating just how digital could help tell magical stories, and live much longer than just the event itself.

Submitted By: SapientNitro

Client Name: Hermes

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