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Postable makes it dead simple for people to collect mailing addresses from their friends and family. It’s a free web app that allows users to send out a unique link that prompts people to fill out their mailing information, which populates a digital address book. from this address book, users can export CSV, print mailing labels, or export to the contacts section of popular email clients.

Postable was built over a 5-month period and released as a free web app. The core functionality of allowing users to input addresses and store them is pretty simple. We made heavy use of JQuery to achieve certain scrolling and editing effects. The web app is light and made to withstand heavy use from tens of thousands of users. Barrel provided user experience consulting, visual design, front-end development, back-end development, and testing. We are currently providing post-launch support and the addition of new features.

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Submitted By: ISITE Design

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