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IKEA and Ogilvy worked together to create a user-generated catalog of personal user spaces that use IKEA furniture. Participants can take pictures of their homes and upload them to the Share Space site and tag the IKEA furniture they own. These pictures are then shared with the larger IKEA community. Visitors to the site can browse by featured Share Spaces, categories or by specific furniture types. This allows users to see IKEA products in real world living environments made by their peers.

This project went from concept to launch within a 6-month period. It launched September 2011. The challenges: - Very tight timeline - Making the involved user experience (uploading, tagging and sharing) simple enough for the casual user - Creating an interface for categorization and browsing that will adapt to ever-growing content - Kick-starting a community of users to embrace this concept and register - Seeding the content pre-launch with influential thought leading designers and contributors - Integrating the current catalog of IKEA products into the tagging system The Share Space site had a very successful launch and continues to grow through the users.

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Submitted By: Binary Red Studios

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