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Dropcam HD provides peace of mind on the go, being your home’s eyes and ears when you’re not there. It’s the world’s smallest video monitoring camera and connects to your Wi-Fi network at home to live stream and record your personal video to any connected device 24/7. You access this live feed through the cloud-based online viewer and mobile apps. From parents, to pet-owners to small businesses, Dropcam’s elegant user interface makes it easy for anyone to keep an eye on what they care about.

Traditional IP cameras are clunky, inconsistent and can take an engineering degree to set up. The software user experience is often even more complicated, takes up storage space and overwhelming for the common user with too many buttons and ActiveX controls. With its intuitive, simple and seamless online web-app, the Dropcam user experience is the best in its class for remote video monitoring systems, and the only truly cloud-based one on the market. This cloud-based video viewer is the heart of Dropcam and where its value really comes alive.

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Submitted By: Fantasy Interactive

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